How Plant Information Management System Saves Time & Costs

Key Benefits that would accrue to new “green-field” plants and operate “brown-field” plants from a Plant Information Management System are as listed below.

  • With a 2-way link to project management software, the intelligent 3D plant model can be used for monitoring works during initial construction/ retrofit/expansion / shut down of the plant.
  • Construction sequences can be identified in the 3D virtual plant in advance, thereby significantly reducing the construction time and costs.
  • Construction schedules can be dynamically decided based on the then inventory of available materials, leading to “just-in-time” procurement activities. Similarly, dismantling sequences and scheduling can be worked out using the virtual 3D plant model.
  • Project progress stages in terms of constructed area, under construction, under procurement, under testing, and under design can be visualized.
  • Intelligent 3D plant model updated to the “as-built” status and then continually updated to the “as-is operating” status helps in training operating and maintenance personnel.
  • Intelligent 3D plant model is also helpful in performing safety studies and in rapidly deciding emergency response by accessing data instantaneously.
  • This 3D model can be further utilized during plant maintenance to record and query maintenance procedures, schedules, history, spare part list, spare part suppliers, inventory list etc., by either adding custom-made modules to the INFOplant system to perform these functions or interfacing with the client’s in-house or third-party maintenance management software system.
  • Connecting INFOplant database with real-time data acquisition system permits remote monitoring of equipment condition leading to timely preventive maintenance. Reduced shutdown period for maintenance results in increased plant productivity.
  • Management can rapidly retrieve information related to operations, inspections, maintenance, etc. from the INFOplant system.

In effect, an integrated 2D-3D Plant Information Management System would serve through the entire plant life cycle, i.e. be commencing from Design & Engineering phase through Procurement & Construction phase to Operation & Maintenance phase and in Decommissioning.



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