How and Why to Outsource Your CAD Projects

CAD projects can be time-consuming, often contain many different engineering processes, and require extensive knowledge of the relevant discipline (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, or Manufacturing). Regardless of the discipline, project managers need to enhance the efficiency of their designs and complete their projects in the most timely and effective manner possible.   Because CAD is used in so many different industries for so many different functions, becoming an expert in CAD takes many hours of training and years of experience.

Unfortunately, not every company that has CAD requirements can afford to hire the number of experts required to perform all of their CAD tasks and outfits them with appropriate CAD software and hardware.   This is one scenario where outsourcing CAD requirements can enable a small company to take on larger jobs and more jobs that they could handle on their own.

Another CAD scenario that is appropriate for outsourcing is the need for fluctuating capacity.  When your CAD requirements ebb and flow due to seasonal requirements or changes in demand, outsourcing can help you adjust your CAD capacity.  You can maintain a minimum in-house staff, and rapidly increase capacity during times of higher CAD needs.  Experienced CAD operators are often difficult to find quickly, but having an ongoing relationship with a CAD outsource service provides fast access to qualified personnel who can augment your staff with high-level CAD experts, usually at very affordable rates.Benefits of CAD Outsourcing

By relying on an outsource service in this way, your company passes on the project staffing and provisioning requirements to an outside source that is responsible for deliverables that meet whatever standards you require.

Benefits of CAD Outsourcing

For small businesses and those with fluctuating CAD needs, even large, multinational corporations, there are a number of benefits obtained by outsourcing.   As discussed above, the ability to accommodate shifts in the marketplace rapidly and with little upfront investment is paramount, but beyond flexibility and scale, outsourcing has other can bring your company other benefits:

  • Availability of turnkey CAD services and project management
  • Broader portfolio of services that you can maintain internally
  • Lower operating costs because you maintain fewer full-time employees
  • Scalability and flexibility

Finding an Outsource CAD Service

The primary concern that most businesses have when outsourcing is:  How do you go about finding the appropriate organization to help you with your CAD requirements?

One way to begin is by finding out which CAD outsources services sources are being used by your peers and competitors.   You can also make use of the Internet to help you with your search, in which case you will need to do additional vetting to ensure that CAD outsource is reliable. Make it a point to define your requirements adequately in order to find the perfect source to help you meet your requirements.

Traditionally, cost reduction has been one of the main reasons for outsourcing, and for this reason, there are a number of offshore CAD services that claim to offer services at reduced rates.  Certainly, the cost is a major consideration, but you will also want to consider your requirements for improved process management, which may be hampered by language barriers when going offshore.

Surprisingly, there is a U.S. based CAD outsource firm who offers pricing that is competitive with that offered by offshore companies, and who guarantees a CAD Perfect® results.  With a U.S. based company, there are no worries about language barriers, and you can be more confident of their resources that deliver scalable, flexible and reliable CAD services that are tailored to your requirements.


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