Should You Outsource 3D CAD Modeling?

We all know that there are proponents of outsourcing, who, if they were to be followed, would have your business outsource nearly every corporate activity, from payroll and HR to CAD design; while others feel that all outsourcing is bad for business.  As with most extremes, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, with some corporate activities easily outsource permanently, and others outsourced semi-permanently or on an “as-needed” basis. 3D CAD Modeling

We believe that 3D CAD Modeling fits into the latter categories.  If you’re an engineering/design firm, a  manufacturer or a government agency, It can be beneficial to form a liaison with a reliable 3D CAD service company, so that you can semi-permanently off-load some of your more standard 3D CAD modeling requirements.

An ongoing relationship like this allows you to build a trust and rapport with the outsourcing firm, while, they, in turn, develop an understanding of your corporate culture and CAD requirements, making them an effective asset when your less-standard modeling requirements exceed your internal capacity.  By building a relationship with a steady stream of the “easier” projects that require little oversight, you have established a reliable extension of your company that can step in with a small amount of additional direction when you have time-sensitive jobs.

What 3D CAD Services Do You Need?

There are many types of 3D CAD activities as well as various 3D CAD software packages with which these activities can be accomplished.  So, your first goal is to determine just what services you need and what 3D software you prefer.  Some of the services that you can outsource include:  (1) 3D CAD Drafting; (2) 3D CAD Modeling, Rendering and Visualization; (3) BIM Modeling; and, (4) 2D to 3D CAD conversion.  3D CAD software options include (1) CATIA; (2) SolidWorks; (3)Revit, (4) Microstation and others.

Outsource Qualifications

Once you’ve settled internally on exactly what your 3D CAD needs are, then it’s time to go out and find the best fit in a CAD outsource service.  Some questions to consider as you interview 3D CAD outsource companies are:

  1. With what CAD organizations are they affiliated?  Learning this will provide you with some idea of their commitment, involvement, and standing in the CAD community as a whole.
  2. Do they have technical project managers from the field of engineering that is applicable to your project(s)?
  3. Will they work with your teams to provide a seamless CAD service, regardless of whether it’s a one-off project or an ongoing relationship?
  4. Do they have the necessary skill sets on the latest version of your preferred software
  5. Do they offer a reasonable and flexible pricing model that meets your requirements?
  6. Do they guarantee their work?


Outsourcing your 3D CAD modeling, visualization and drafting in this way can be a smart choice for your company, providing an ongoing  CAD source, that understand your company and that can be called upon to provided trusted service when you need help fast.


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