The CAD drafting industry has developed both upward, in terms of new technologies and outward in terms of the range of industries served and the breadth of specialties. Not all shops can cover the full range of services they may need to complete complex designs.CAD Drafting For example, one engineering firm that has a full complement of design technicians with fantastic experience in rendering mechanical parts made of metals is stymied when they come across a component that has to made out of wood. They discover that there are drafting and design professionals with vast experience in wood component design. The drafting help works very well for them.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it looked like hand drafting on a board with pencils and protractors was going out of style. However, board drafting remains the base of the profession. Sometimes reversion to hand drafting is what will give you what you want. There are specialists who can take full advantage of hand drafting. If your staff focusses entirely on CAD work, sometimes there is a need to take advantage of hand drafting specialists.

The range of drafting specialties is as broad as the range of engineering and manufacturing specialties. There are aeronautical, architectural, civil project, electrical and electronic drafting specialists. There are drafting specialists who work entirely with the design of machines, process piping and pipelines, and photovoltaic system drafting specialists. There are drafting specialists who focus entirely on the design of fire alarms. It’s a rare engineering firm that has such a broad staff of CAD specialists or drafting technologists.

CAD / CAM Services provides outsource CAD drafting services for CAD conversions like raster to vector conversions, scan to CAD conversions and 2d or 3d CAD to BIM conversion, as well as 3D printing. We also offer the latest software and technical hardware sales and service. Please contact us to find out where we might fit in.



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