We at CAD / CAM Services are really good at creating models from 3D Scans and typically tend to use highly specialized as well as nondestructive techniques for the purpose.

When it comes to creating models from 3D scans then it won’t be wrong to say that CAD / CAM services pretty much rules the roost. This is thanks to their state of the art technology in the creation of working and workable models. These models can then be used for a variety of purposes, from being used in intricate machinery all the way to multiple replications as well.

For this purpose, a three-dimensional scanner or for that matter, even a 3D scanner can easily be used as well. This is basically a 3D digitization device that does double duty as an acquisition device as well. It is generally used to perform various different types of 3D scans. It collects the assorted data from the actual and real-world physical object that it has just scanned.


Apart from that it also pays particularly close attention to its own shape and different textures as well.  As a matter of fact, a typical 3D scanner is more often than not also used to create a sort of 3D summary file, that has been specially created for the core purpose of 3D printing alone.

These kinds of 3D scanners that are used to create 3D scanned models from and their associated technology first appeared in the 1980s for the very first time ever. It has been generally classified in 3 different families that are as follows:

  • 3D scanning by phase field
  • Laser triangulation
  • 3D scanning by detecting the time of flight

However, in order to create some really great models from 3D scans, it is necessary that all three of these technologies can and indeed should be combined for a far more effective result as well.

In the case of laser triangulation (for instance), the scanner projects a very real grid or for that matter a diverse, checkerboard, along with a camera that effectively measures the grid’s overall deformity at a well-known distance from the original source of the laser itself. In this case, the model from 3D scans is generated via the reflection angle as it is interpreted by the machine so as to determine the object’s overall measurements.

When it comes to 3D scanners that have been created for the express purpose of making models from 3D scans, you can rest assured that there are very many kinds of devices currently available today: These can and indeed do include not just stationary or mobile devices, but also manual and automatic machines.


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