Once a year, the global Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) conducts an annual conference for engineers, management executives and industrial manufacturers with the aim of setting the tone for manufacturing best practices for the coming year. And, one of the Keynote sessions was on Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and the benefits of outsourcing. Here, it was outlined that Lean Six Sigma makes use of collaborative effort to eliminate the following:

  • Over-production
  • Waiting times
  • Process Defects and
  • Wastage of Resources

The tools needed to eliminate wastage caused by these factors were also listed. But, enough wasn’t said about the importance of CAD software and outsourcing as lean engineering solutions. So, here emphasis will be placed on the role of outsourcing SolidWorks CAD services and feature in encouraging lean engineering.

Dealing with Time Wastage

The major cause of wastage stems from poor scheduling practices and production departments not meeting deadlines. And the cost of time wastage is quite huge which is why Toyota integrated lean production techniques to eliminate waste. While Toyota’s production system focuses on managing suppliers and logistics, firms in the aeronautics industry will require much more outsourcing input when integrating lean production.

Take Boeing for example, the need to customize the interior or parts of its airplanes according to the requirements of different clients adds to time management problems. In this situation, outsourcing customization needs to a reputable SolidWorks design service provider will speed up production circles because of the input of dedicated professionals.

Reducing the Scourge of Process Defects

Earlier in the year, the automobiles giant, Ford, recalled 1.3 million of its sedans due to a slight defect. A slight measurement issue that led to its steering wheels not fitting properly into the steering compartment. Obviously, this can be termed as a defect due to design errors from Ford’s prototyping department and it’s also worth mentioning that a large number of recalls in many industries that produce hardware are due to similar mistakes.

There have been many examples cited on the benefits of outsourcing and how it allows firms focus on their more productive activities and where prototyping is involved, they all ring true. OEM’s can truly reduce the regularity at which defects occur by outsourcing design projects that need a high-level of customization. Consequently, firms specialized in reverse engineering can help businesses like Ford carry out ‘post-mortems’ to discover underlining issues before a product release date is set.


Eliminating Resource Waste

Here, resource covers both the capital and human effort expended during engineering manufacturing circles. And in many situations, a poor communication or collaborating culture puts participants—suppliers, contractors etc.—on different pages which causes waste. This is where integrating BIM into production processes can come to the rescue.

An example of this can be seen from the UK’s adoption of BIM into its public works contracting and construction process. This integration ended up saving the government time, capital and also created a more open collaboration process for outsourced projects.

Lean manufacturing is here to stay, and considering the benefits and clarity outsourcing CAD projects brings, it is expected that both SMEs and big businesses will continue to embrace outsourcing as a viable option for the foreseeable future.


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