The Contex HD Ultra Office Scanners are perfect for an occasional scan, share, and archive needs.  The HD Ultra Office strikes the perfect balance between productivity and ease of use for a collaborative work environment.

The Contex HD Ultra Office Scanners help you manage your wide format scanning in the house – and save.  The HD Ultra Office is designed for offices that need exceptional versatility, ease of use and intuitive sharing, but that also demand quality and performance day after day.

With breakthrough imaging, archiving and productivity-boosting features, it gives you best-in-class image quality and the easiest and most efficient way to scan, copy, share and archive-wide format images, drawings, documents, and records.

Workgroup collaboration
If you need to scan wide format documents in high quality, the HD Ultra for office use is the perfect solution. Thanks to multiple output file options and SmartShare collaborative capabilities, it makes it easy and convenient for everybody to scan any wide format document, saving money on external service providers. The HD Ultra for office use is compatible with your existing software and hardware, and it’s easy to use without special training. It’s even network-ready, so anyone in a workgroup can use it from their own computer.Workgroup collaboration

Perfect image quality
With Contex-enhanced CCD imaging, the HD Ultra for office use delivers the best image quality on the market. No matter what condition your documents are in or whether you scan maps, drawings, posters or fine art, you’ll capture every document in stunning, better-than-original quality on the first try.

also means a reliable, energy-saving scanner that does its job without your having to think about it.

Handles any job
The HD Ultra for office use is built to handle the widest diversity of large document types, so you can be sure it will meet your needs no matter what type of document you need to scan. FlexFeed, FlexDoc, and SnapSize technologies aid document handling, so that any document is easy to scan – even folded or wrinkled documents, or extra thick card. Skewed documents are dealt with automatically via software adjustments.

MFP version available

For HD Ultra Office capabilities with the same footprint as your printer, our multifunction highstand option turns your printer into a high quality copier while also saving space.


The HD Ultra comes in 36” and 42” models; 600 dpi upgradeable to 1200 dpi; 1 ips in color, 12 ips in mono; scanning speed up to 175 D-size docs pr. an hour in color; USB 2.0 with xDTR (Gigabit Ethernet upgradeable).

Watch for future posts on individual HD Ultra Office Models.


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