Why We Love SolidWorks® Simulation Suite

Lately, we’ve been working with a number of design and manufacturing firms who have come to us for design simulations of their products, prior to manufacture.  One of the main reasons for engineers to ask us to do their simulations is so that they can get an independent 3rd party to review and access their designs with no pre-conceived notions about the design validity.  3rd party simulation reviews also effectively eliminate internal politics from the design decisions.

This is not to say that we work in a vacuum.  The very nature of design requires us to interact with the internal design team so that we can understand and study the objectives prior to undertaking the simulation.  It’s our job to construct a simulation model that accurately represents the product or system.  Then, we must validate the real-world performance and accurately report our findings.  Our reports frequently include recommendations for better designs and/or solutions for found problems.

Which brings us to why we love SolidWorks Simulation Suite…

Design-Decision Workflow

The first step in our simulation process comes when the design engineer provides us with an existing design.  This may be an old design that needs to be modernized or a new design that needs to be proven.  There are generally two main requirements in a simulation…(1) the final product must do what it is intended to do with no safety issues, and (2) the manufacturing of the product must be as low-cost as possible.  Or, put in another way, for most product development efforts, the questions that lead to tangible design decisions can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Will it work?
  2. Is it good enough?
  3. Can it be better?  Faster?  Cheaper?

Before the SolidWorks Simulation Suite, most designs passed through the first two steps sequentially. As soon as the answer to number 1 is “yes,” the design details are compared to specifications and cost goals to evaluate number 2. That was the point at which most designs were handed off to manufacturing after “good enough” is confirmed through traditional prototyping methods.

But, traditional prototyping can be expensive.

Which is why we love SolidWorks Simulation Suite…

Building Better, Faster, Cheaper

When design/manufacturing firms need to bring efficiency and robust designing into the process while reducing time-to-market, the value that a 3rd party simulation service brings to traditional design enables them to get more value out of their traditional tasks without adding time or cost to development.   3rd party simulation lets them work smarter, not harder and SolidWorks Simulation Suite lets us do our part of the work with the ability to perform elegant simulation tests such as:

  • Structural simulation, which predicts if a part or system is going to break, bend too much, shake, buckle, or collapse.  Very important in mechanical engineering!
  • Fluid-flow software shows how a system responds to conditions such as internal or external air- or water-flow, identifying fluid velocities, pressures, and temperatures.  You don’t want the boiler to explode!
  • The mechanism or dynamic analysis synthesizes linkages and finds forces, velocities, and accelerations.  Keeps the airplane aloft!

The SolidWorks Simulation Suite…

is specifically designed to address these three areas:  SolidWorks Simulation answers structural questions, SolidWorks Flow Simulation deals with fluid questions, and SolidWorks Motion addresses mechanism concerns.

By using SolidWorks Simulation Suite as an integral part of the simulation services we provide for our customers, we enable better day-to-day decisions.  Simulation effectively linearizes the design process.  By providing simulation services, we help manufacturers get the answers they need to guide their design decisions.

And that’s why we love SolidWorks Simulation Suite!


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