It is difficult to know how many full-time CAD employees to the employee in order to maximize your business’ efficiency because different contracts require different staffing numbers. When you are awarded a smaller contract you only need a few full-time CAD employees, whereas larger contracts require more staff. Rather than constantly hiring and firing staff, many businesses are turning to CAD outsourcing companies that provide CAD staff on an as-needed basis. While this technique saves you money, choosing which CAD outsourcing company to use is difficult. When selecting a company to outsource your CAD needs to look for the following characteristics: CAD Outsourcing


In order to ensure quality work, you need to know that you are working with experienced professionals. One of the best ways to determine if a CAD outsourcing company should be trusted is to examine their certifications. A good CAD outsourcing company will be certified in AS9100 and accredited by GSA. A great CAD outsourcing company is also authorized for CAD conversion by the Department of Defense. Because this authorization is rare and difficult to get, it ensures that the company has been vetted and will perform outstanding work.


Time is money, so you want to make sure to hire a CAD outsourcing company that finishes your work quickly, without sacrificing quality. A good CAD outsourcing company is able to complete your order efficiently within 48 hours. Be wary of companies that don’t provide a time window for completion or want you to pay more for expedited service or you may end up waiting a long time to receive your order.

Willingness to Learn

A good CAD outsourcing company will have no problem with training their employees in your company’s drafting standards in order to ensure the project meets your standards for approval.

In addition to learning about your standards, a CAD outsourcing company should also be familiar with new industry standards by making sure their employees are constantly training to provide better service. Ask which case studies their employees are familiar with to ensure that you are working with an up to date CAD outsourcing company.

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