At the heart of every design, engineer lies INVENTOR, a 3D CAD Software in essence. It is a one-stop solution for all developers when it comes to CAD Modeling and Drafting. It not only has the ability to transform an illusion into a tangible formation but also with its 3D CAD modeling feature INVENTOR is able to produce a precise mechanical design of the product and its specifications. It does not stop here, with this application, one cannot restrict to mere modeling and designing. The design engineer has the liberty to conduct umpteen numbers of simulations and rendering options as when the client demands.

With this software, the developer can conceive and calculate high-performing outline features in a matter of minutes through “Shape Generator”. Its parameterization aspect allows the design engineer to robustly outline the subject with 3D functionality without any hindrance. Once various components are developed the software joins the entire model in less than few commands and against anticipation. Drawing and creating a crystal clear model has never been such easy. If the designer wishes to email the sketch into any unreadable but accessible format, it can be done at the click of a button. Once the design is complete the software has the functionality to do a stress-test on the frame structure as well. The best part is that it has the feature of automation by creating a link with AutoCAD Electrical data. Once the designer gets well-versed with its functionality it makes any change like a hot knife through butter.

One can also parameterize the modeling feature, whether it is freeform or direct. In addition to this, the designer can also open up any DWG file with the help of this software. One can easily distinguishing different components made up of different elements during the development of the model. Once the design engineer has structured the model, automation becomes a piece of cake. By computing the built-calculator, the software automatically knows where to add press fits, welds, and clams to the overall structure.

To put the cherry on the top when the model is complete, the developer can put on a remarkable presentation by way of exploded and imploded views and simulations. The software can add animated graphics and other documentary paraphernalia to augment the structure. Earlier it was mentioned that the software also has the capability of doing self-stress testing, however other variables can be added to such soil, plinth depth, height-to-weight pendulum (typically in high-rise towers).

The attractiveness of this application software assesses its predominance in any domain of engineering design. Whether it comes to modeling of high-rise skyscrapers, mechanical engineering components, and automotive/aviation designing, some robust software of CAD is employed and in all these aspects the utility of this application cannot be ruled out. Without a doubt application of this software will become the first line of choice for every engineer.


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