Large Format Scanners – What They’re Used ForScan and Archive Large Format Documents

In general, large format scanners are scanners are used for one of four things:

  • Scan and Archive
  • Copy and Print
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Edit and Enhance

Scan and Archive Large Format Documents

Creating a digital archive of all your documents, including large format, ensures that your organization’s information is preserved for the future. Whether it’s a big archiving project, or your day-to-day backup scanning, having your legacy documents permanently preserved in digital format is a good idea for several reasons:  (1) Cost – the expenses involved with paper filing and storage can be significant; (2) Space – the physical space involved with paper-based files can be enormous; (3)   Time – searching for one file in a room full of paper files can be time-consuming; (4) Permanence – digital documents do not deteriorate like paper documents.

Copy and Print Large Format Documents

Combined with a wide format printer, a large format scanner pCopy and Print Large Format Documentsrovides you with a way to copy large format documents.  Sometimes, you do need a paper copy, but even the most robust office copier won’t copy a 36” x 48” blueprint.  If you already own a wide format printer, then adding a large format scanner adds capabilities that allow you to get the most out of both. If you’re making copies for your customers, or for project collaboration, having a color-capable wide format scanner that works seamlessly with your printer (or printers) is a great idea.

Collaborate and Share Large Format Documents

In a collaborative work environment, a large format scanner can enable simple sharing of concepts, project proposal materials, document revisions, drawing changes, and more.  By scanning the documents and uploading the digital document to a web-based sharing solution, you can connect to your team, whether they are local or remote.  In addition, with digital large format documents, you can connect to your network, workstations,  printers, shared file servers internally. So, your information can always be accessed.


Edit and Enhance Large Format DocumentsEdit and Enhance Large Format Documents

Sometimes, the scanned image is just the starting point. Document editing and revision often begin with scanning a hard copy. Especially when the document is old – getting a clean, high-quality scan can make the difference between capturing all of the information you need or only some. Redrawing old maps from scratch and updating drawings by hand also takes valuable time. Using specialized software with a large format scanner can handle this work for you quickly, reliably and accurately capturing your documents for further enhancement, editing or conversion, either in a house or by an outsourced conversion service.


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