Large Format Scanners Convert Paper to CAD

For many companies, large format documents are a big headache.  The best way to get rid of this headache is to use a large format scanner to eliminate the paper drawings and convert them to CAD files.  Once this decision is made, the question becomes whether to purchase a large format scanner and do the work in-house or to hire an outside firm to convert the drawings to CAD.

There are pros and cons to both solutions.  In this post, we’re going to look discuss in-house scan-to-CAD options. Large Format Scanners Convert Paper to CAD

Do You Have Personnel In-House to Do the Job?

You’ll want to make sure that you have personnel who are capable, not only of scanning the documents but also of doing the actual file conversion.  Scanning is only part of the process.  When you scan you’ll get a raster image, most often in a TIFF format.  That file will then need to be converted to the format used by your CAD file.  The conversion from the raster TIFF file to a vector CAD file is not always straight-forward, so it’s important that you have knowledgeable people who are capable of doing this conversion precisely and accurately.  Remember, if it’s not done right in-house, you’ll incur additional costs to send the files out for correction as well as conversion.

Make sure that the personnel that you use for this Scan-to-CAD project are not being pulled away from jobs that support your company’s primary business focus.  Too often, companies believe that they’ll save money by doing the job in-house, using people that they’re already paying.  However, if this kind of “double duty” results in lower productivity on the jobs those people were originally hired to do, then the savings is wishful thinking and not reality.

How Do You Choose the Right Large Format Scanner?

Once you’ve decided that you do have the right personnel available, then you need to decide upon the right large format scanner.   There’s no point in bringing work in-house if your in-house scanner gets in the way of productivity.  We recommend Contex SD or XD series scanners for intuitive face-up scanning, fast scanning of technical documents, quick and easy archiving features, a straightforward document loading and feed adjustment system and fast USB 2.0xDTR data transfer.  Basically, these scanners can work as fast and efficiently as your people do.

Not only are they fast and intuitive, but they’re also easy to set up, use and maintain.  Contex SD and XD series scanners come with a time-saving instant-on feature and an intuitive one-touch interface for navigating features.  Simple one-click maintenance and calibration make for fast tune-up, and the light-weight design makes it easy to move.

CAD / CAM Services can help you choose the right scanner for your in-house Scan-to-CAD project.  If you don’t have the in-house personnel for the CAD conversion, we can convert your scanned files to the CAD format of your choice.


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