What can you do with a large format scanner? 

Scanners are tools. And like any job, things are easier when you have the right tools. But what is the job? What are you going to use the scanner for? Who is going to use it? What will you do with the results? What are the current problems, challenges or issues you would like to overcome with a wide format scanner? Will the cost of buying a scanner be offset by added business, or making your office more efficient?large format scanne

Here are four main scenarios where large format scanners are most useful:

  • Capture and Archive

Companies are capturing more documents than ever before. Why? Creating a digital archive of all your documents (not just the small stuff) ensures you are never without your information in the future. Whether it’s a big archiving project or your day-to-day backup scan, having the right scanner and software means you’ll save time and the cost of outsourcing your oversized scanning. If you already have an efficient workflow for your standard size documents, you’ll need a scanner that can adapt and fit easily – not slow you down.

  • Copy and Print

Already own a wide format printer? Adding a scanner adds capabilities that allow you to get the most out of both. If you’re making copies for your customers, or for project collaboration, having a color-capable wide format scanner that works seamlessly with your printer (or printers) is a must. When the job is larger, demands on the scanner are even greater to deliver fast scans to multiple printers – without wasting time connecting or adjusting.

  • Email and ShareCopy and Print

In a collaborative work environment, a large format scanner can enable simple sharing of concepts, project proposal materials, document revisions, drawing changes, and more. The ideal scanning solution works with your office – connecting to your network, workstations, and printers, and scanning to email and to shared file servers.  So whether your team is local or remote, your information should never be tied-down.

  • Edit and Enhance

Sometimes, the scanned image is just the starting point. Document editing and revision often begin with scanning a hard copy. Especially when the document is old – getting a clean, high-quality scan can make the difference between capturing all of the information you need or only some. Redrawing old maps from scratch and updating drawings by hand also takes valuable time. Using specialized software with a large format scanner can handle this work for you quickly, reliably and accurately capturing your documents for further enhancement, editing or conversion.


Chances are you probably need to address at least one of the above scenarios. So it’s great news that a wide format scanner can satisfy all of these needs. Maybe you even see further uses for a scanner in your office. But which scanner?


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