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If you use SolidWorks, you know that it is a powerful CAD software product for professional 2-D and 3-D design and drafting.   Whether you’re doing 3D CAD, Product Data Management, Simulation, Communication or Design, you know that SolidWorks CAD Solutions and rendering software help drive your product development processes.  CAD Solutions and Rendering Software to Help Drive Your Product Development ProcessCAD Solutions and Rendering Software to Help Drive Your Product Development Process

The SolidWorks file extension is “.SLDPRT.”  However, you may come across various file formats as you work with suppliers and customers who use alternative CAD packages.  When that happens, it is best to look at the restrictions and considerations you need to understand in order to successfully manage models that have been imported in different formats.  You also need to understand your options for exporting to other CAD users to accept.

We work with many different companies every day, and we know that there are a multitude of 3D and 2D standards that a SolidWorks user may wish to import or export. While there are over 30 different translators available with every copy of SolidWorks, difficulties can arise — some formats can only be imported or exported., for instance.   Many of the export only formats have reduced accuracy and are designed for rapid prototyping or web pages.

So, what do you do when you need files translated from or to SolidWorks and you don’t have the time or the expertise to use the SolidWorks translators?  You might want to consider CAD outsourcing of your SolidWorks projects.  The right outsources partner can provide specialized environments for your 3D CAD, PDM, Simulation, Communication or Design.

How to Find a SolidWorks 3D CAD Outsource

One of the biggest considerations in finding an outsource to trust your CAD translations, conversions and drafting too, is making sure that you locate professionals that you can trust, that are experienced, and that understand how you work, and what you’re trying to achieve.  This can be a tall order!

I’ve been in the CAD industry for many years, so I can speak with some authority on both SolidWorks and the whole CAD outsourcing conundrum.  There is no question that there are lots of outsourcing companies out there who can draw some lines and circles for you.  The question is how to find the right one.

One way is to find a company that’s been around nearly as CAD has been and that has grown in experience as the 3D CAD, in general, and SolidWorks, in particular, have grown in functionality.  Find a company that’s been doing U.S.A.-based CAD conversions since before the days of easy internet access to risky offshore or multi-national outsourcing organizations.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Make sure that the outsource service you chose is willing and able to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.
  • Ensure that there are no language barriers or cultural differences that could cause errors or hinder your efficiency
  • Establish exactly how you will communicate with the service provider.
  • State deadlines in advance.
  • Establish deliverables and milestones.
  • Keep your SolidWorks drafting and product engineering and design consulting organization well informed to avoid errors.
  • Make sure your CAD drafting services provider allows at least one review and determine up front if there will be extra charges for the corrections.
  • Clarify how you would like to address markups and change orders in advance.
  •  Funnel all communications through one channel so all product design specifications can be properly managed.
  • Define all your requirements in advance.

Get the Most Out of Your CAD Outsource

Productivity, power, experience, and ROI are the reasons the bring our customers to us.  Take advantage of our abilities to accelerate your business.


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