How an Intelligent 3D Plant Model helps save Time & Money

Whether you are currently operating a plant or designing a new one, an Intelligent 3D Plant Model consisting of objects belonging to all disciplines inclusive of civil & structures, process, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation & control would be the most efficient way to have a central, constantly up-to-date location for all plant information related to design, engineering, procurement, construction and other downstream activities.  An example of such an intelligent 3D Plant Model integrated with a comprehensive Plant Information Management System, as illustrated in the flowchart, would be INFOplant from SST Systems, Inc.

The 3D Model database so generated for the entire plant/project, when linked to the Central Database of INFOplant, leads to many benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Rapidly retrieve accurate information on equipment, piping, ducting, cable trays etc.
  • Quickly arrive at an alternate process in case of failure of any pump, valve etc.
  • Expedite training of operations and maintenance personnel while giving them a true layout of their plant.
  • Emergency response management.
  • Accurate routing of new pipes and layout changes in and around congested areas.
  • Ability to ensure that operability and maintainability requirements are met.
  • Detailed engineering on newly routed or modified pipelines to arrive at proper support scheme.
  • The ability to instantly generate updated construction drawings such as GA layout drawings, piping isometrics, spools etc. and reports such as Bills of Materials.
  • Generate sequencing and scheduling of construction activities based on available materials at the plant site, and the ability to monitor works in real time.
  • Accurate assessment of the health of the plant and estimate its residual life, and arriving at possible solutions to extend the life of the plant.

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