CAD is used in the design stages of an airplane. With the advent of parametric CAD systems such as CATIA, a new design methodology was enabled. This design methodology is changing the use of CAD for building airplane models. Here is how CAD / CAM services can help ensure a great CATIA airplane models structure.

CAD / CAM Services for CATIA Airplane Models Structure

Computer-aided-manufacturing (CAD) is used in the design stages of an airplane. With the advent of parametric CAD systems such as CATIA, a new design methodology was enabled, which was based on the capability of a parametric CAD system to replay construction sequences with varied design parameters. For example, a parametric wing can be re-used to create a vertical tailplane or parts can be associated with other parts, which allows concurrent engineering practices.

The above capabilities of parametric CAD systems such as CATIA are exploited by CAD / CAM services to generate great CATIA airplane models structure. Additionally, CAD / CAM services apply parametric construction strategies, which have been used in the past, to model the primary aircraft parts, such as the wing, fuselage, nacelle, and secondary parts such as, the belly fairing, wings tips, and pylon using CATIA CAD system.

To construct curves which are used to create surface lots, CAD / CAM services utilize primarily B-splines, where the coordinates of the control points can later be used as the design parameters. Moreover, CAD / CAM services demonstrate the capabilities of parametric CAD through design variations performed for conventional configurations and through design studies with non-conventional aircraft configurations, which are in the focus of current research.

CAD has wide applicability in the design and development process of an aircraft. The use of software and systems such as CATIA to design and create 2D and 3D virtual models, CAD offers many benefits which are increasing rapidly. These benefits range from shape visualization to its analysis, machining, layout designing, and considerable cost reduction.

With CAD / CAM services, creating drawings, preparing reports of assembly and part drawings, preparing bills of materials etc. becomes much easier and faster with the use of CAD systems. Some of the reported benefits of using CAD / CAM services for CATIA airplane models structure include:

  • Weight savings
  • Development of new innovative high-strength aluminum alloys with specific density 40% lower than that of titanium
  • Increased material exploitation
  • Increased energy efficiency in processing
  • Enhanced service life through new, innovative technologies for aircraft parts
  • The increased recycling rate of waste parts

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This article was last Updated on February 10, 2022

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