Introduced by Bentley System, a CAD application software (utilized for designing architectural and engineering structures) for creating 2D and 3D designs for graphically representing the structural framework Furthermore, one can go ahead utilize the application for drafting and developing the formats as per the desired specification. Originally it was intended to operate on MAC OS (Apple’s Operating System), but gradually the upgraded versions were released through the platform of Microsoft Windows; ensuring compatibility.

Firstly, MicroStation being a sophisticated and an advanced CAD drafting software, it can sustain tough architectural modeling in the engineering and machining industry as well. Especially those commercial architectures, which are layered with numerous specifications and requirements. Its advanced sketching functionalities equip the project manager to design the layout in the most robust way.

Secondly, it is particularly popular in those types of projects, which have a large-scale infrastructure and requires to be viewed from various tangents. To give the sketch a much more presentable look it comes will multi-color tool option. This adds flexibility and convenience for the designer to customize the sketch of the blueprint as and when required. All the designer needs to do is to go to explore the command function and impute the settings as specified. Not only that, once the sketch has been designed on a 2D format, it can easily be converted into a 3D model.

In the third instance, it is not pertinent to compare this software’s functionality with AutoCAD. However, when it comes to modeling, rendering, and animation of advanced and complex nature, Bentley’s brainchild takes the lead. It has enhanced capacity to model and render heavy construction designs that can easily be created. Furthermore, the modeling function can be parameterized completely and all the changes or modification made to the model can be rendered on a real-time basis, after execution or can be previewed after the changes have been implemented. This software can easily manage and transform the outline of 3D formats from 2D Models and keep intact the geometrical dimensions, already developed in the 3D objects. In the end, to add life to the model the application features with 3D format printing with near to life results.

Fourthly, when it comes to the functionality of interoperability, the application surpasses every other CAD-related software. It is able to chain the data and advanced features of modeling due to superior collaboration and interface. The platform of the application is able to support any kind of files (writeable and readable) of various formats (such as PDF, DWF, Revit, DWG, Sketchup, and 3DS). It also has the ability to support the function of Geolocation with the help of meridian coordinates. With this add-on, the developer can easily provide the client with information on the structural framework of already constructed buildings and large-scale objects.

Lastly, to add security and prevent theft of individual rights, the application has embedded it with digital secure signatures that ensure that the information, design, data, model, format, etc. remain protected in the event of cyber-attacks.


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