How to Find the Best 3D CAD Drafting Service

When you need 3D CAD  Services to augment your in-house CAD department, how should you go about finding the best?  You can try:

  • crowd-sourcing
  • free-lancing
  • off-shoring
  • outsourcing

Couple any of those words with “CAD” in a Google search and you’ll turn up a host of companies, individuals, businesses and wanna-be-businesses who are willing to take your money in exchange for…what?  You hope it’s in exchange for a perfect 3D CAD Model, 3D CAD Rendering, Expert Point-Cloud Conversion, or whatever your job requires.  But, the truth is the there are no guarantees…unless you do serious vetting prior to plunking down your cash.

So, how do you vet the 3D CAD Drafting Services you find on the internet?

First, set your parameters:

  • Do you want a local company, only? This may be important if you need something done on site, like scanning an existing building prior to renovations; or archaeological scanning at a dig. Or, maybe you just like to buddy-up with local businesses – and that’s OK.  If a locality is important, then include that parameter in your Google search.  Thanks to GPS in most devices today, all you need to search for is “3D CAD Drafting Services near me” and Google will do the rest.
  • How do you feel about off-shoring? Maybe, you don’t need the CAD service to be in your backyard, but you’d at least like it to be in the same country.  This can be important when ongoing collaboration between your team and the CAD service is required.  There’s nothing more frustrating than having a great idea at 3:00 in the afternoon and having to wait until 6:00 the next morning to reach your CAD service.  Same-country service also eliminates potential language barriers.
  • Which is more important cost or quality? Or both? Quality of service, including on-time project completion, accuracy and responsiveness are essential for any CAD to outsource the project.  But the price you pay for the service is nearly as important.  In the end, only you can decide the relative importance of each, and how much you’re willing to pay for a specific level of quality.  Just remember that cost is not necessarily a predictor of quality.  Focus on quality first and cost second.  Guarantees are always good to have, ensuring against paying for something that doesn’t meet your specifications.
  • What is the experience level of the service? If you have an important job that has a time-sensitive deadline, you might want to avoid a start-up CAD service.  Remember, it’s easy to buy a URL and set up a company website.  But, it takes more than that to follow-through on service promises.  Longevity in business usually indicates good service, quality product, reasonable price:  what most folks call VALUE!
  • How fast do you need it done? No matter how good the qualifications of the 3D CAD service are, if they can’t get the finished job to you by your deadline, they have to be eliminated from contention for your business.

Then, use social media and platforms like Quora to see how others can help you by suggesting CAD Services they’ve had personal experience with.  Like this entry on Quora

Remember, whether you call it 3D CAD outsourcing, crowdsourcing, freelancing or you decide to go with offshoring, get quotes from at least 3 different 3D CAD service providers before you settle on one.


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