“The U.S. plastics industry employs more than 885 thousand people with a presence in every state,” Plastics Industry Trade Association, and, “Is the third largest manufacturing industry in America.”

Plastic manufacturers working with injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding, compression molding, or thermoforming equipment know companies come to them looking to make their products and take them from the concept phase into the production phase. However, in order to make your customer’s dream a reality, you need the ability to take their idea from a vision and drawings, and into something your equipment can read and understand. Many clients have proprietary products and require lengthy NDAs, complicated contracts, and intricate negotiations, therefore having your own engineer, or trusted drafting company, working side by side with you is imperative.

Whether you need conversion software systems for your in-house CAD engineers or an outsourced engineer, outsourcing your drafting needs doesn’t have to mean compromising quality, or expertise in any way, and you’ll want to make sure your CAD drafting services have:

  • A fundamental understanding of the type of process that will be deployed to produce your company’s products,
  • Professional engineers and architects qualified to perform any 3D conversions, accurately and economically,
  • The ability to work with 3D CAD programs such as Revit, Solid Works, CATIA, SofTrack, and more,
  • An open line of communication with quick response times, and customer satisfaction guarantees,
  • Raster to Vector conversion capabilities, because automatic software conversions are typically lacking and in need of customization, and
  • Robust and secure CAD drafting services.

Please contact us today for CAD drafting services from our experienced engineers and architects, and give your clients the security and confidence that comes from over 20 years of experience with certified professionals and a US-based company.


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