Document Scanning Services – Choosing an Archiving Specialist

If you are contemplating converting paper documents to electronic archives, you will need to determine three important things: (1) How much of your stored paper needs to be scanned, (2) Which scanning service should you use; and, (3) Going forward, how will you handle your scanning needs?Choosing an Archiving Specialist

Answering these three questions can best be done with the help of a professional scanning specialist.  A professional scanning specialist understands the importance of having access to the information you need — when you need it.  A scanning specialist can help you determine the best way to convert your backfiles, depending upon what types of documents you have.  In general, documents can range in size from 3″x3″ to large format drawings sized 36” x 48” or larger.  Documents may also include microfilm and microfiche.  A scanning specialist can also help you decide the best way to store your digital documents, depending on your needs.  Options include CD –ROM, DVD,  zip drives, tape, as well as online archives that can provide disaster recovery certainty and business continuity.

Deciding What Needs to be Scanned

In general, when deciding what backfiles to convert, we recommend starting with those that are required to maintain your business continuity.  This may include corporate papers, legal documents, historical documents, customer or client records, tax and financial records, personnel files and other documents which are necessary to the day-to-day, year-to-year functioning of your business.  How far back in time you go in these records will be determined by legal requirements for your industry (how long are you legally required to retain records?), corporate historical needs (is the history of your product or service one of your selling points?), customer/client type (medical records might be kept longer than automobile repair records, for example).

During this process of backfile conversion, you will need to ensure that the scanning service safeguards all your documents, storing the documents in secured areas at all times, and maintaining any security requirements that are legally mandated for your industry.  (HIPAA privacy, Security Clearance, Client Confidentiality, etc.)   You should determine where you want the backfile conversion to be done – at your location, or at the document scanning service location.  If you decide to send the documents to the scanning services location, make sure that you factor in the cost of shipping when you consider how much your document scanning project will cost.

If you are purchasing a portfolio with the large volume of paper documents, rather than having the paper sent to you, you should arrange to have the paper scanned at the seller’s premises prior to shipping the physical files for storage.  This will ensure the integrity of the files that you’re purchasing.

Deciding Which Document Scanning Service to UseDocument Scanning Service

If you are going to store your scanned documents on CD-ROM or some other hardware device for which you will be responsible, then your main concern will be finding a service that is capable of scanning your documents within the parameters that you have set.  If, however, you are going to use online archiving for disaster recovery and/or convenient access from multiple locations for multiple users, then you will want to consider the online archiving capability of the document scanning service.

You will want archiving solution that provides the security of knowing multiple copies of your vital documents are safely stored on a redundant system, away from your primary place of business. You will want confirmed up-time with easy, password protected access from any Internet-enabled device.   This feature enables your employees to continue operations from a new location, or even from home, without moving a single file cabinet or an existing paper document.

CAD / CAM Document Scanning Services – AcceleDOCS Archiving ServiceAcceleDOCS

CAD / CAM Services offers high volume small format scanning and image hosting services, as well as large format, with any type of format and indexing you require. Banking, Government, Insurance, and nationwide service contracts all use our services today.

Our online document hosting can benefit your company with:

Improved productivity

  • Fast, secure, anytime, anywhere, internet-access to any image or data stored on the archive.
  • Slashes time needed to locate and retrieve documents. Eliminates the need to re-file documents.

Reduces costs

  • Eliminates most software and usage fees
  • Reduce staffing requirements through improved productivity
  • Eliminate the “paper chase” with simultaneous access to documents from any location at any time.

Avoid spending capital funds – expense the cost of your archive.

Multiple sizes and types of documents available from a single archive.

  • Contracts, remittance documents, email, invoices, etc. can all be stored and retrieved from a single archive using a single solution.
  • Retrieve all of a customer’s documents using one system.

AcceleDOCS Text-based Search Capability

  • Contracts, remittance documents, email, invoices, etc. can all be stored and retrieved from a single archive using a single solution.
  • Search for any word or string of words in the documents you have permission to access, and our “fuzzy logic” will find the document or image and locate the place in the document or image where the text occurs, even if you spelled it wrong during your search!
  • Search results in one-two seconds, even with 200+ users searching at one time over 80,000,000+ images
  • Search across unrelated document types, such as PDFs, office documents, emails, even medical DICOM headers and more
  • Support Phrase, Boolean, Proximity, directed proximity, phonics, stemming, numeric, full macros, all types of wild cards, full expressions, fuzziness levels from 0-10, and even concept/synonym/thesaurus searching

Audit Trails let you track exactly who accessed a document, and the time and date they accessed it.  You can also be alerted to attempted access by users not authorized for a particular document.  In addition, Usage Tracking allows tracking by department or customer use for accounting purposes.

Handling Your Scanning Requirements Going Forward

Going forward, your professional scanning service specialist can be your best friend.  By maintaining an on-going relationship with the document scanning service that provided your backfile conversion and maintains your online document archive, you will continue to benefit from their experience.  Let the document scanning service be your business partner to help you manage your ongoing scanning, either onsite or at their location.  Use your scanning services specialist to keep your business flowing smoothly.


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