Digital modeling and fabrication is a form of design and production that that combines various elements of 3D modeling or as it is more commonly known as computing-aided design or (CAD) with numerous additive as well as subtractive manufacturing techniques. The key thing about additive manufacturing is that it is also known as 3D printing.

While on its part, subtractive manufacturing is often colloquially referred to as machining. (A process in which metal is subtracted from a physical object till it ends fitting the size for which it has originally been constructed). Apart from that, there do exist very many other technologies as well, that can also be exploited so as to physically produce the digitally designed objects.

As a matter of fact, various examples of digital modeling include many fabricated objects that have been created with the help of a large variety of CAD software and hardware suites. These packages use both 2D vector drawing, as well as 3D modeling in a bid to get the job done properly, the very first time over. The various forms of digitally created 3D models now include four different models such as mesh solid, wireframe,andsurface models. A typical example of digital modeling would be a design that has at least one or for that matter, even more than one of these model types.

3D printers for digital modeling

Currently, there exist very many 3D printers that typically use a large variety of different methods and technologies so as to assemble the physical versions of myriad different digital objects. Typically, the average desktop 3D printer can usually make a few small plastic 3D objects, at the very most. In this case, the odds are that it will use a small roll of thin plastic filament for this purpose. It will basically meltthe plastic and then proceed to deposit it in very precise positions and allow it to cool and then eventually harden.

As a matter of fact, such 3D printers naturallybuild many 3D objects right from the bottom all the way to the top in a diverse series that consists of many extremely thin plastic layersthat are applied in a horizontal cascading lineAs a general rule, this whole process quite often happens over a period of time stretching all the way from a few minutes, to up till a few hours, at most.

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