So you may be wondering; could converting engineering drawings into CAD be what you need? Well, let’s find out.

If you have ever wanted to make your dreams a reality, and you have some drawings of said dreams, then CAD / CAM Services Inc. can help you take it to the next step.

Not only has CAD / CAM Services been working on the paper to CAD conversions for more than twenty years, but we also have been authorized by the Department of Defense for CAD Conversion, which cannot be said by many companies.

Precise Scanning Services

When scanning engineering paper drawings to convert into CAD, our accuracy is within 0.005 inches. This number is just spectacular when it comes to scanning engineering drawings to input into CAD programs. Think about it – if you have a perfect, precise drawing that you have worked hard on making just right, you would hate it if those precise lines and measurements were lost in the transition to a CAD program. We offer you the precision that you can put your trust in and count on to help you convert those precision drawings to virtual realities.

Convert Every Drawing 

Now you may be worried that there is a limit to the number of drawings you can get converted to CAD, well there is no need for that. We will gladly convert every engineering drawing you need to get converted accurately and in a timely manner.

Working With CAD/CAM

On top of all this, our prices for converting engineering drawings into CAD are fair and sure to make you smile when you realize how little it really takes to be on the road to bringing your ideas into reality. Plus, if you need something converted quickly, there is no ridiculous fee for quick order.

So what are you waiting for? If you have drawings and a need for their conversion to CAD programs, we can and will help you achieve your dreams.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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