Convert Paper Drawings to CAD – Engineering Departments’ New Year’s Resolution

We’re just hours away from ringing in the New Year and if 2016 is anything like 2016, your engineering department will face lots of challenges.  No matter what product or service you provide, in order to be successful in a global economy, you must take on the challenge to deliver services and products quickly, accurately and economically.

2016 Resolution #1:  Maintain engineering drawings, specifications and other assets in the most up-to-date efficient method possible.

2016 Resolution #2:  Stay ahead of the competition by going paperless to save time.   When an engineering department has a vast quantity of older paper-based drawings, conversion to CAD and database management will enable the drawings to be modified, managed and distributed seamlessly in whatever CAD system you prefer.

2016 Resolution #3:  Get help from a cost-effective, reliable conversion service for your paper to CAD Conversion so that you can maintain internal focus on new engineering projects.  Work with the service to customize scanning processes that suit your specific drawing requirements and solve integration matters between your paper drawings and your CAD software.

What Your Company Will Gain

More Efficiency: CAD Conversions or digital drawings take less time to revise, and distribute when compared to paper drawings. Document management can easily be implemented once design data is digitally stored to improve process efficiency, revision tracking, distribution and editing of information with your team and stakeholders.

Speed to Manufacturing and Market: The odds of survival are increased when engineering departments offer quality products that arrive at the markets faster than the competition. Paper to CAD adds worth to engineering drawings and enhances a firm’s greatest asset known as “information”. CAD conversion also helps companies manage other components of operations such as bidding, workflow management, commissioning, and material take-offs.

Other Advantages of paper to CAD Conversion

  • Simple compliance with OSHA standards or ISO 9000
  • Fewer deteriorated or lost documents
  • The easy flow of information
  • Speedier time to reach the market
  • Coordination improved with other professionals
  • The smooth flow of information in various formats
  • Easy Compliance with ISO 9000 or OSHA standards
  • Less lost, deteriorated and misplaced documents
  • Information on click of a mouse and saves time
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved coordination among project members
  • Improved project efficiency and productivity
  • Easy reporting and monitoring to stakeholders

When you resolve to convert all of your paper drawings to CAD but don’t have sufficient in-house abilities, then it’s time to rely on a paper-to-CAD conversion service.   Whether you scan the drawings in the house and send the electronic files for conversion, or whether you contract for the entire paper to CAD process, you’ll find that the benefits far outweigh the cost.  Clients tell us that outsourced paper to CAD services have brought them access to a larger pool of specialized CAD workers at lower cost, thus increasing profitability and providing more flexibility to their internal staff.   Download our white paper below to learn more.


whitepaper: 3 strategies for optimizing your paper to cad conversion

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