When your company is facing a major project, one thing to consider is temporary drafting services. Temporary drafting services allow you to put more resources into a project, without increasing your overhead over the long term or forcing you to make a large investment in computers, software, and training in the right way.

By working with CAD / CAM Services, Inc, you can temporarily increase your drafting resources to the level you need for a specific project or time period. We can tailor the drawings to fit your company standards and needs. CAD / CAM Services, Inc will work with you to ensure the right level of support to complete your project on time. Urgent projects are not a problem for us because we have the resources to meet your deadlines.

One of the best parts of using our temporary drafting services is that when your project is done, so are your costs. You don’t have to pay a drafting employee that you don’t have work for. But when the next project comes along, CAD / CAM Services, Inc is ready with our team of professionals to support that project as well.

Temporary drafting services are ideal for small companies that are looking to bring the type of experience and knowledge that our team brings to the table, without having to make huge investments or take a big risk on a new employee. Having years of experience in the architectural, engineering, and building industries our team is guaranteed to have the experience and knowledge you are looking for and needing when it comes to your CAD drawings.

To help manage your drafting costs and bring the resources of CAD / CAM Services, Inc to your project please contact us today.


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