How do you receive feedback about new vehicle-design ideas without harming your brand if things go wrong?

By releasing these ideas to the public via social media and tagging the design as a ‘concept car.’ This is a tried and tested formula that has been applied by industry giants such as Mercedes Benz and the Audi’s of today’s world. Under the umbrella of a ‘concept car’, manufacturers can try out new designs and either forge ahead with productions or shelve the design plans according to public feedback. But how are concept cars designed?

3D Modeling, 3D Rendering Car Automotive Design Engineer

3D Automotive Design Engineer Creating a Car of the Future

The aesthetic ideas for most cars start out as sketches from artist stationed in the R&D departments of car manufacturers and then progress to the virtual world. The virtual world of CAD applications like SolidWorks is where the real work begins. The artist sketches are then turned into 3D models to give everyone—engineers, designers etc.—invested in production, a glimpse of the vehicles entire structure. The use of SolidWorks prototyping services does not end there. The interior, basic functions, and other new ideas are also designed and tested using a CAD application.

But in some cases, the design process is not so straightforward due to burnouts and repetitions on the part of designers. This is why many car manufacturers continue to develop cars that look aesthetically similar which can lead to customer apathy. For, why would the average customer purchase a new vehicle that looks exactly like the old one?

How Outsourcing Automotive Design Can Help

There are a couple of methods manufacturers can employ to reignite the creative spark back into their creative department. And this includes bringing in new blood or reshuffling staff positions in-house but the cost of training new staff about company policy may prove to be too expensive. This leaves outsourcing automotive CAD design and concept ideas to SolidWorks engineering service providers on a contractual basis.

CAD design outsourcing could prove to be a major boon to the automotive industry as can be seen from the great car concepts currently headlining Mercedes Benz’s official website. And the spate of similar looking cars means that it is high time brands leave their comfort zones by outsourcing concept creation to external creators.

Vehicle manufacturers can also make use of CAD service providers to bolster their quality control processes. They can do this by outsourcing the re-engineering of in-house designs to professionals who will scrutinize them and add their own professional touch.

3D Rendering Future Flying Car Design

3D Rendering Futuristic Flying Car Design


The Future of Automotive Design

The future of automotive design is looking to be more uncertain as the world pivots towards the development of electric cars and the realistic possibility of flying cars. This means manufacturers will have to adapt by either purchasing start-ups that deal with concept design or outsourcing design to third-party engineering firms. Automotive giants such as BMW have already taken the part of purchasing design startups such as DesignWorks while others like Volvo are purchasing flying car startups.



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Whatever the case may be, the future of automotive design will definitely require more input for CAD service firms to meet technological advancements as well as customer’s need for more creative effort.

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