When it comes to learning the art and science of CATIA Drafting pdf, it is not that difficult provided you are well  acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the same

CATIA Drafting PDF file format contains a veritable glut of information that can easily help you to figure out how to go about taking care of all of your drafting needs in the CATIA software suite, that is, if you know how to go about doing it, that is.

What one needs to do in order to initiate a drawing in the CATIA software suite is that he should use the mouse to try and hover the cursor on the ‘Start’ drop-down menu.

That is, once you click on the ‘Start’ menu you will subsequently have to check and see that the overall ‘Mechanical Design’ will be visible, followed by the ‘Drafting’ menu that will then be listed therein.
Once this whole thing has been done, it will then be time to see that the dialogue box containing the ‘New Drawing Creation’. It will immediately come to the fore from the drop-down menu. Now, from here onwards, you can now see the icon that you will use to select the specific options that will enable you to select the views that want to be placed in your drawing.

Or alternately, you can easily choose to try for a completely fresh start with a blank sheet as well. Should you do so, than in that case, and if you really want to conduct any changes in the paper size (apart from the default one that is), then you should just simply proceed to go right ahead and select the ‘modify’ option due to the fact that this will immediately open yet another dialog box option in a cascade from the previous one. In this dialog box, you should then try to use the drop-down menu so as to select the size of paper that you want for your original drawing.

If in your initial selection had already used a blank sheet, or for that matter, if you also wish to add several additional views (on your original sheet) then you can just simply select the relevant option from the right-hand side toolbar.

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