When it comes to learning the art and science of CATIA Drafting, it is not that difficult provided you are well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the same as well.

CATIA Drafting is not partially difficult, provided you know how to go about doing it, that is.
First and foremost, in order to initiate a drawing in your CATIA software, you should use the mouse to hover the cursor on the ‘Start’ drop-down menu. That is once you click on the ‘Start’ menu you have to check and see that the ‘Mechanical Design’ and then subsequently, the ‘Drafting’ menu will be listed.
Once that has been done, you will see that the dialog box containing the ‘New Drawing Creation’ will immediately come to the fore.
From here onwards you can easily select the specific drawing views that you may want to be placed in your drawing. Or alternatively, you may also choose to opt for a fresh start with a completely blank sheet as well. In this case, if you want to conduct any changes in the default paper size, then you should proceed to select the ‘modify’ option since this will immediately open yet another dialog box option as well. In this dialog box, you should use the drop-down menu to select the size of paper that you want for your drawing.
If your initial selection has started with a blank sheet, or alternatively, if you also wish to add additional views (on the sheet) then you can just simply select the relevant option from the right-hand side toolbar.

Now that you have selected the relevant command, it is time for you to be able to navigate to your own part of the CATIA Drawing by the simple expedient of selecting the original window menu and after that selecting your own part of the CATIA Drawing. In the original part file, you should opt for the selection of the face of the part, that you would actually want to be n facing towards you in the original drawing. Once you have selected the face, then the subsequent view will appear right back in the actual drawing sheet itself.

Apart from the above, it is also possible for you to quickly and easily format the various dimensions by selecting the many dimensions that you might want to change as well. Now that you know the basics, you can go on to greater things.
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