Can Your Company Benefit from CAD Services?

What are CAD Services?

CAD services are performed by companies who work in partnership with engineering departments, mechanical engineers, architects, manufacturers, and other individuals and organizations who have CAD projects and who sometimes have workloads that are just too large for their internal staff to handle.  The services that these contract or outsource companies handle can include any of a number of CAD activities, such as 3D CAD drawings, creating assembly drawings and shop drawings, reverse engineering, paper to cad conversion and redrafting CAD translations, rendering, and specialty CAD services for specific CAD programs.

Some CAD small service companies specialize in one or two CAD activities or CAD programs, while other, larger CAD service companies can generally handle just about any CAD project.  Most often it is far more cost effective to find a trusted CAD service company to offload your excess work to than it is to hire temporary in-house help when your workload demands.

Forming a Relationship with a CAD Services Company

If you form an on-going working relationship with a qualified CAD services company, you can then consider them as an extension of your current engineering department.   By building this kind of relationship, you can develop a working relationship that allows for close project interfacing with a company that is familiar with your standard work protocols and that can work with a minimum of close supervision and instruction.  This kind of relationship development will save you time and money in the long run, whether you are a large company, a small company, an inventor or an entrepreneur.  There’s nothing quite like having the benefit of help who understands how you work and what you want to be done, without having the overhead of supporting them.

In addition, having this kind of on-going relationship means that both your clients and your employees can better communicate the end product and facilitate the development work before manufacture rather than during manufacture, thus saving time & money.

What Can a CAD Services Company Do for You?

An experienced and qualified CAD services company will be aware of the latest standards and techniques that need to be adhered to in the creation of CAD drawings.  They will also be experts in converting various types of drawings, such as structural, plumbing, architectural, mechanical, maps, parcels and into digital CAD designs with CAD Perfect ™ consistency.

CAD services companies can be used to outsource the creation of quality architectural designs from paper drawings and drafts, and they can also modify the designs based on exact client requirements that you communicate to them.  Any drafting engineer within an experienced CAD services company should be able to create economic, safe and functional structures from your designs.

CAD services companies can also convert original paper drawings to CAD so that it is easier for your company to store them in an efficient manner. This will also help you to retain the integrity of your designs over a long period of time as compared to traditional drawings.

One other area where CAD service companies can help is when your organization doesn’t have the necessary expertise to create a particular type of CAD design or to use a particular type of CAD program that is required for the design.  In this instance, there is no need to hire new personnel or acquire new software, since many CAD outsourcing companies offer these services at reasonable costs. Some of the popular software that a good CAD service company should be able to expertly use are AutoCAD; Revit; Navisworks; MicroStation; VectorWorks; SolidWorks; CATIA V5;  and ArcInfo.


Can CAD services help you?

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