Can You Afford Drafting Help?

Congratulations on making your business a success. It’s taken a lot of effort but your good reputation has spread throughout the community, so now you now have more than enough customers. You’re finding it difficult to supply all the CAD / CAM that’s necessary so you’re considering hiring full-time help. The only question is can you afford a drafter?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, drafters average $53,640 a year, or $24.64 per hour, throughout the country. Even at the low end, these professionals earn about $32,780 annually, or $15.76 hourly. The top 10 percent make over $79,950 yearly, or $38.44 hourly. Some specialists earn even more. Electrical and electronics drafters make a mean annual $60,350, or $29.01, with a yearly range of $35,440 to $90,930. Mechanical drafters average $54,510 per year, or $26.21 per hour. Their annual range is $33,170 to $82,160.

Salaries are just one of the costs of having an employee. You also have to pay his or her Social Security and Medicare tax, state unemployment insurance, health care insurance benefits, 401(k) benefits, and the cost of equipment and office space. CNN Money estimates that an employee can cost upwards of 20 percent of the base salary. You also have to add in the time and effort you’re going to spend training and supervising the new worker.


A more convenient and cost-effective alternative is to outsource the extra work. You’ll get the experience without the extra expense and supervision. When you hit the inevitable slowdowns during the year, you also won’t have to pay for help that you’re not using. To find out how our drafting help can work for you, please contact us.


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