Can 3D Modeling Services Aid Your Designers?

With CAD operators being in demand in virtually every area of design, sometimes businesses need to outsource portions of their CAD design and 3D Modeling.  This article explores ways that a 3D Modeling Service could aid, and possibly even improve your design activities and workflow.

How Does Your Firm Use 3D Modeling?

Residential or commercial construction firms require knowledgeable CAD operators with backgrounds in architectural design and 3D Modeling.   This type of 3D Modeling requires the generation of 3D presentation models based on construction drawings, sketches, and specifications provided by the architect. How Does Your Firm Use 3D Modeling?

Today, most building and construction projects rely heavily on construction documentation in order to win project approval, secure financing and finalize budgeting, form, and function.  To survive in today’s competitive environment firms must deliver quality documentation within demanding budget and time constraints.   Using an outsourced 3D Modeling Service with a background in both architectural Computer Aided Design and 3D Modeling techniques can help to bring your project in on time and within budget.   A knowledgeable CAD services firm that offers both 2D drawings and 3D models can satisfy nearly any type of construction documentation and promotion needs.

An intelligent 3D architectural model (BIM) incorporates all the 2D data, materials, drawings and documents required in order to produce plans, elevations, drawings, estimates and material details. Additionally,  an experienced 3D Modeling Service can apply various design alternatives to the 3D model and instantly check the impact on the final form, function, and cost. The result is a better design and efficient material utilization, without the necessity for hiring/firing/managing CAD operators and 3D Modeling experts as your business expands and contracts due to seasonal and economic changes.

Manufacturing Companies require a similar type of CAD and 3D Modeling knowledge, but with a focus on Modeling, Assembly, Drafting, Die Design, Tool Design, Sheet Metal Design and, analysis of products. When looking for an outsourced 3D Modeling Service, manufacturers require CAD operators who can integrate mechanical engineering into the CAD and 3D Modeling technology.  Most often this requires additional knowledge of CAM.   CAM refers to Computer Aided Manufacturing, and in this context is most often referred to in conjunction with CAD, i.e.; CAD / CAM.  CAD / CAM is a term that refers to computer systems that are used to both design and manufacture products.3D Modeling Services

Therefore when looking for a 3D Modeling Services company, manufacturers must look for those that have experience with both designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes. This is because the geometries in the CAD drawing are used by the CAM portion of the program to control a machine that creates the exact shape that was drawn. CAD / CAM software is most often used for product development, machine-tooling, and manufacturing, and is another area that continues to demand expert 3D Modeling Services.

High Accuracy Required

Often the organizations that utilize CAD / CAM technologies are automobile manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, and shipbuilders.  These types of designers/manufacturers employ manufacturing processes that use three-dimensional models to determine the viability and tolerances of their designs, and exceptionally high accuracy is required.

One way to ensure 3D Modeling Services ability to produce highly accurate models is to deal only with an outsourcing company that has been awarded the AS9100 certificate and who is authorized and certified by the  USA Department of Defense for CAD Conversion work.   This is the type of accuracy that is required by the military and aircraft industry.

Experience Required

In addition, ensure that you use a 3D Modeling Services outsource company that is experienced in all these programs: AutoCAD;  Revit;  Navisworks;  MicroStation;  VectorWorks;  SolidWorks;  CATIA; ArcInfo (GIS & Data Conversion;  BIM Services;  PI & D;  Aero Space;  Architecture Services;  Structural Engineering;  MEP Services;  Visio; and any other specialty that your firm requires.

This type of high-quality CAD outsourcing and 3D Modeling services can help you reduce expenses, improve workflow, have a better-managed business infrastructure, be more competitive, profitable and successful.


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