How CAD Has Evolved and How You Need to Change

Probably one of the biggest recent changes in CAD is the way software is delivered.  Like so many other platforms, CAD software has moved from a package that you purchase and load onto your computer — refreshing it periodically as new versions come – to a subscription-based platform that you for which you pay a monthly fee.  One of the biggest advantages of this type of software delivery is that you’re always working on the most recent version.

There are other advantages to this software as a service (SaaS) delivery method for CAD software.  Here are some of the advantages that AutoDesk lists for their AutoCAD, Revit and other products:

  • Choose the options that best fit your business needs
  • No big up-front investment, so you get to “try” rather than “buy”
  • Better management of your software budget
  • An option of single-user or multi-user access, so you only pay for what you nee
  • Flexible term lengths — monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year options
  • Instant access to the latest product releases and enhancements.
  • Technical support
  • Administrative tools

Where to Turn When You Need CAD Help

CATIA on the Cloud

CATIA has also adopted a SaaS-Cloud platform, offering more power, more collaboration, and less cost.

CATIA focuses on the transformational nature of the way you use and pay for design software.  As with other Cloud-based platforms, the need for upfront hardware investment and setup costs is eliminated because Dassault Systèmes takes care of the system and data.   CATIA focuses on these benefits:

  • Simplicity — No need for specialized IT administrators or sub-contractors. Engineers can concentrate on engineering. The project structure is delivered “out of the box” and can be easily administered by non-specialists.
  • Security & Reliability —  The most secure system you have ever experienced. Never again worry about losing your data or about unauthorized access to your intellectual property. 24×7 IT Support & system availability, combined with daily backups means you can always meet your deadlines.
  • Collaboration & Connection — Generate ideas, innovate with colleagues and suppliers wherever they are located. This unique social innovation experience transforms collaboration, making it the most natural way to work, resulting in compressed cycle times, and fewer late changes.
  • Scalability —Scale your capacity to meet project priorities and business opportunities. Rapidly add new users, new seats or new processes.


In October 2015, Dassault Systèmes officially released SolidWorks 2016, the latest version of its portfolio of 3D product design and engineering applications. Kishore Boyalakuntla, senior director of product management, referred to as an “ecosystem…a multifaceted innovation platform,“ with the promise of any time, anywhere, any device, so users can work in the field, in a client’s office, at home or anyplace they have an Internet connection.  Solidworks emphasizes:

  • The new user interface, new tools, and new process enhancements
  • You can focus on design, not software
  • Solve complex problems quickly
  • Collaborate easily
  • Streamline your parallel design process
  • Fast-track designs through manufacturing

What SaaS CAD Means for You

If you’re currently using any type of licensed, downloaded and installed CAD software, you will need to evaluate how you want to manage your software moving forward.  This is a business decision, a budgeting decision, and of course, it goes without saying, that CAD managers must be involved in planning for this new software landscape.

As more and more software developers move away from perpetual license sales and toward the subscription, or rental, as their only means of distributing their wares, your company and your employees will need to adapt.  To examine this trend, and outline the options you have, regardless of which brand of software you use.

Remember, we’re here to help you with any transition issues you may have, by offering our CAD Perfect® conversion services3D design, and outsourcing.

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