9 out of 10 times CAD is used for blueprint drawings, but in rare occasions a hand drawing may be involved, depending on the requirement of your project. Thus, the cost price will always vary from one project to another. Take note that we shall be mentioning only average rates; prices usually vary depending on the specifics of a job. Normally a draftsman or an architect is hired when he or she needs to design something with personal touch. These are people who see, you need plans for an airplane, a vehicle engine or any other complicated mechanical system. Design services are often synonymous with CAD services. CAD is simply software that drafting services make use of while drawing a design model. Almost all drawings are now made by CAD (Computer Aided Design). This has made workshop drawings much cheaper and much more accurate than the previous systems. The cost of drawing is determined by the type and size of the drawing you like. Sizes vary from A0 to A4. A0 are typical structural plans, about 2 x 3 feet. A1 is half the size, A2 is half A1, and so on.

Average Cost Price of a 3D CAD Service

On average, a drafting company will charge around $100-120 per hour. Architects charge a little more, around $130 per hour. The typical house type A0 drawing takes about 8 hours, which costs approximately $800 – $1,040.

Large structures such as a municipal building or an office environment can take up to 24 hours. Complex drawings are needed for codes. Sprinkler systems, mechanical drawings and HVAC systems are needed. It is expected to pay over $3,000 for this type of CAD drawing. Keep in mind that these prices are for one type of drawing. If you need a floor plan, elevation plan, and allocation plan, these costs will triple.

At CAD / CAM, we believe in offering best price for each individual client, keeping in mind their individual project needs and offer customization options. Optional add-ons are also available at market competitive prices; transparency guaranteed.

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