Drafting is hard.  Unless you have had related education in your past, it’s most likely not something you’re good at.  Sometimes, however, a little drafting knowledge is necessary for minor design projects.  If you’re in this situation, you’re in luck!  Tutorials exist to help teach people how to draft, as well as how to operate CAD software, and they’re all online.  This makes it easy to gain the knowledge you need to take on a small design project yourself.  If you need some drafting help, check out some of these online tutorials.

Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors is a professional quality site that provides a large collection of tutorial videos on subjects related to technology.  They organize their training videos by software.  There is a huge amount of high-quality information here, but it does cost money.  $29 will buy a month of training.  If you’re interested, you can check it out for yourself here.


This is kind of the opposite of Digital-Tutors.  MyCADSite does not have a particularly professional feel.  Navigating the site is a little more complicated than Digital Tutors, and the lessons are in text rather than videos.  However, the entire site is free, and there is still a large amount of high-quality information.  If you don’t mind dealing with a little more hassle and aren’t interested in paying money, check it out here.

Extra Help

Finished your tutorials or already know a little about drafting and CAD work?  This site will help you review what you have learned, make sure you understood what you were taught, and expand on what you already know, connecting your knowledge to the real world.  It’s made up of a list of articles and random pieces of drafting knowledge.

If you’re not sure if your new-found understanding of CAD is enough for your project, or you’ve started the project, but don’t quite have enough experience to finish, or even if the project is just too big to handle on your own, contact us.  We can help finish your project, and we’ll be there for you from beginning to end.


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