How a CAD Drafting Service Can Help Your Business

What Does a CAD Drafting Service do? 

Experienced computer-aided design (CAD) technicians are in high demand in a variety of industries, but not every industry has enough CAD professionals on staff to produce their own drawings;  or, the personnel that they have on staff lack sufficient CAD expertise to take the business to the next level.  This is especially true with smaller firms, who often rely entirely on consultants to produce their drawings.  Even much larger companies hire independent CAD consultants from time to time to assist with large projects and help meet deadlines. This is precisely where a CAD Drafting Service can help.

If you need CAD services performed, and don’t have sufficient in-house abilities, then aligning yourself with an experienced CAD Drafting Service may be the answer.  Establishing an ongoing relationship with a CAD service provider enables you to contract out all or part of your CAD functions to an external provider.CAD expertise

What should you look for in a CAD Drafting Service?

A Google search turns up many CAD drafting services, many of whom are based overseas where labor is cheap.   While some of these firms may be legitimate, there is some truth to the adage that “you get what you pay for.”  A low hourly rate often translates to more hours to get the job done because the technicians are not sufficiently experienced.  Additionally, some companies, because of the nature of their projects, may want to keep their work within the United States.  Therefore, it’s important to understand who’s behind the website and where the work will actually be done.

Some CAD Drafting Services offer online technologies for submitting drawings and are able to provide specialized CAD services over a wide geographic area.  Often these firms retain an expandable on-call staff of qualified CAD engineers and technicians who are available with little or no advance notice to ensure that deadlines are met.  However, even with these online companies, you’ll find that most legitimate U.S. based companies provide a bona fide address and telephone number.  One of the benefits of dealing with a legitimate online CAD service company can be the preferential conversion rates that these firms are often able to provide, because of their lessened traditional “brick and mortar” expenses.

What are the benefits of using a CAD Drafting Service?

We polled customers of CAD / CAM Services, Inc., a U.S. based CAD Drafting, and Conversions Services Company to ask them just what benefits they derived from using outsourced CAD drafting services.  Across the board, whether the customers were engineers, architects, manufacturers, building contractors, aerospace companies or other design/build/manufacture specialty companies, they talked about similar benefits:

  • Scalability – Not surprisingly, many of the firms we talked to outsourced their CAD Drafting requirements when their internal CAD requirements increased beyond their internal staffing capabilities.   Being able to use external CAD personnel on an as-needed basis gave these companies the freedom to tackle large jobs that they wouldn’t have been able to take on with their own staff.  By not hiring permanent staff to cover the large project, they were able to quickly downsize.   “The cost savings were enormous,” one firm told us
  • Flexibility – By taking advantage of turnkey outsourced project management and CAD drafting services, some firms regularly contract or expand the size of their businesses with very little overhead investment, if any.  They pay for the expertise they need when they need it.  This enables them to offer a more diverse portfolio of CAD skills to their customers by accessing the talent available in the company that offers CAD Drafting Services.
  • Access to better CAD technology – Companies that specialize in providing CAD Drafting Services to many different industries and types of customers require the most efficient, up-to-date technologies.  Firms who hire a CAD Drafting Service company get the benefit of their constantly updated software and systems.
  • Reduced operating costs — Outsourcing is nearly always less expensive than hiring staff, especially when future business needs cannot be accurately projected.  Making use of a CAD Drafting Service not only lowers actual personnel costs but often affects the bottom line by increasing CAD productivity while maintaining your firms focus on its core competencies.


A CAD Drafting Services company can help your firm accommodate shifts in the market seamlessly, with very little direct investment, by enabling you to expand and contract your CAD staffing and technological needs.  This flexible capacity can improve growth opportunities and geographical reach, aiding your success.


Can CAD services help you?

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