CAD / CAM services are at the forefront of 3D scanning. Manufacturers, engineers, and investors use CAD / CAM services when they need unrivaled CAD modeling and 3D scanning services. With an expert team that specializes in 3D scanning, CAD modeling, and 3D printing, CAD / CAM services stand out as a 3D scanning company.

CAD / CAM Services is the Ideal 3D Scanning Company

When it comes to 3D scanning and CAD modeling, CAD / CAM services is at the forefront of things. Manufacturers, engineers, and inventors turn to CAD / CAM services when they need unrivaled CAD model creating and 3D scanning services. CAD / CAM services have an expert team that specializes in 3D scanning, CAD modeling, 3D printing, CNC programming, reverse engineering, among others. This makes CAD / CAM services the ideal 3D scanning company.

With CAD / CAM services, you get high quality and cost-effective 3D scanning services. CAD / CAM services use a high-precision scanner to capture millions of data points. Not only that, they also have experienced personnel who can take your data and reverse engineer it to provide you with a solid CAD file. Whether you are looking to fulfill a hobby or your company needs a 3D scan for manufacturing and design, CAD / CAM services can help.

Benefits of Using CAD / CAM Services for 3D Scanning

There are many benefits of using CAD / CAM services for 3D scanning. CAD / CAM services provide fast 3D scanning that accurately captures the geometry of a physical object, making it easy for you to quickly identify problems with production parts. Using CAD / CAM services is a great way to create CAD models from a physical object quickly and in an effective manner.

Additionally, the high-resolution 3D scanners of CAD / CAM services can capture the most detailed features of an object, providing detail and accuracy that other services cannot. Following are some of the benefits of choosing CAD / CAM services as your 3D scanning company:

High Resolution—CAD / CAM services can capture perfect detail with great scan resolution and point of accuracy.

Full Color—CAD / CAM services allow you to scan objects in full color, with 24-bit, 1.3MP, textures.

Any Shape—CAD / CAM services allow you to easily capture both mechanical and organic geometry.

Any Size—CAD / CAM services can capture objects as small as a coin and larger than a car.

On-Site—Scanning can be performed at your facility by a member of our team.

Non-contact—All scanning will be non-contact and non-destructive.

Judging from the above, choosing CAD / CAM services for 3D scanning is a no-brainer. We area high-end CAD conversion and 3D scanning company experienced in CAD drafting and modeling, 3D scanning, SolidWorks, UG NX and CATIA drafting.  For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us.  Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.


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