The latest scanner from Contex, the HD Ultra X6000 is productivity redefined. Featuring advanced technology and special made Fujifilm lenses, HD Ultra X6000 the widest and fastest CCD scanner the world has ever seen. You can buy this latest scanning technology from CAD / CAM services as we have stock of HD Ultra X600.

Why Get Stock of HD Ultra X6000 from CAD / CAM Services

When you buy the scanner from Contex, quality is almost guaranteed. Every scanner of the company goes through comprehensive testing to ensure that it lives up to all specification including the accuracy and durability customers rely on. This comprehensive testing process is one of the reasons the company is a supplier of CAD / CAM services.

The latest technology that the company has made available to CAD / CAM services is HD Ultra X6000. CAD / CAM Services is one of the nation’s exclusive dealers for this scanner, and we have stock of HD Ultra X6000. So, what can you expect when you buy this advanced scanning technology from us? You can expect the following.


The scanner ensures the highest productivity in the 60” wide scanner category. The scanner ultra-fast with the ability to scan in RGB color in 200 dpi at up to 17.8 ips. You can save your scans directly to a memory stick using the high-speed USB 3.0 interface and scan up to 1054 scans per hour. Additionally, a 1 GB extreme buffer allows you to feed the scanner as fast as you can while new, free touchless glass system reduces maintenance and downtime.

Also, you can copy your originals directly to the most popular large format printers using integrated printer drivers scan papers, Mylar, polyester, canvas, card, watercolors, fabric and so on.


HD Ultra X6000 ensures the best color match and sharp, crystal clear scans. Custom made Fujifilm lenses ensure high-quality scans while the latest CCD technology ensures that you get the near-perfect color match.


The scanner is designed for the way you work. There is a 3-level speed adjustment to match your workflow. Optimized thickness adjustment controller (OTAC) allows almost any original to be scanned.

Green Technology

The scanning technology is compliant with international environmental standards and certificates. Also, the scanner has an instant-ON feature which saves time and reduces your electricity bill.


An intelligent scanner with all the tools and settings that you need to increase productivity and optimize your workflow, the HD Ultra X6000 can be preordered from CAD / CAM services as we have stock of HD Ultra X6000. We are one of the nation’s exclusive dealers for this scanner so you can expect the highest quality when you buy stock of HD Ultra X6000 from us.

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