Leader in the latest scan and copy software applications, CONTEX is releasing their first major engineer scanner in years. The company says the scanner called HD Ultra X6000 is the widest and fastest large format CCD scanner ever. The good news is that you can preorder Ultra X6000 from CAD / CAM services.

What You Need to Know About HD Ultra X6000

Established in 1923, CONTEX provides scanning solutions in over 90 countries and its scanners are recognized by a wide range of industries for reliability, value, high performance, and superb image quality. This is the reason CAD / CAM services has chosen the company as one of its suppliers. The company has been providing high quality-scanners to CAD / CAM services and the latest addition to the list is the Ultra X6000 scanner. CAD / CAM services are taking preorder now on this scanner, with shipping on September 1.

Reasons to Buy the HD Ultra X6000

There are some good reasons to preorder HD Ultra X6000 from us but before we get to that, let’s look at some of the features of this new scanner.

The Widest and Fastest CCD Scanner

This is exactly how the company advertises the new scanner. The scanner is a full 60-inches wide, making it the widest large format CCD scanner ever made. Additionally, it is ultra-fast with the ability to scan in RGB color in 200 dpi at up to 17.8 ips.

Time and Cost Savings

The Ultra X6000 scanner has time-saving features. Thanks to the Instant-ON feature, you don’t need to warm your scanner before using it. Additionally, the scanner has a true detection size, which instantly detects your originals width to save valuable time.

Best-in-Class Scan Quality

With Ultra X6000 scanner, you can expect the highest quality scans. Custom made Fujifilm lenses and the latest CCD technology ensures that you get the near-perfect color match and crystal-clear scans. Finally, the scanner allows you to scan papers, Mylar, polyester, canvas, card, watercolors, fabric and so on, but with a maximum focus-ability up to 7 mm (0.28 inches).

Why Preorder the Scanner from CAD / CAM Services?

As mentioned earlier, CAD / CAM services are taking preorders now for HD Ultra X6000, with shipping on September 1. So, why should you buy the scanner from us? First, CAD / CAM services are one of the nation’s exclusive dealers for this scanner, which means that we are one of the few dealers you can get the HD Ultra X6000. Secondly, CONTEX is a trusted supplier and partner of CAD / CAM services, which means that you can expect to get to get the highest-quality product if choose us to buy the latest scanner from the company.


We are a reputed company providing CAD / CAM services and related technology, with HD Ultra X6000 being one of them. For more information, please contact us. Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.


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This article was last Updated on August 24, 2023

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