How to Boost Large Format Productivity

When you’re talking about any type of business productivity, one of the top priorities is getting organized.  Getting organized can take many forms, from making lists to removing clutter, but it’s important to realize that getting organized is not the goal.  The act of becoming better-organized functions as a microscope that magnifies what works and what doesn’t.  Getting your business organized can provide insight into the effectiveness of your overall systems and provide valuable direction in workflow improvements that can benefit your bottom line.  Let’s look at the typical organization in many businesses that deal with large format drawings.

Often engineering and architectural firms have file upon file and roll upon roll of old drawings.  Equally often, over the years, these old legacy drawings have gotten misfiled, torn, stained and have become difficult to find and equally difficult to refer to because of their condition.  This lack of organization can and does have a negative impact on productivity – time is taken to find drawings; time is taken to redraw them because they are unusable as they are; inability to use old paper drawings with new CAD systems. Overcoming Large Format Bottlenecks

Additionally, when these old drawings need to be referred to it is often to conduct repairs or remodels on existing buildings, which means that the drawings are needed at the building site.  This can be problematic with older paper files that are too fragile to use on site, and the time needed to redraw and transport the drawings to the building site can delay repair or remodel, sometimes for weeks.

Overcoming Large Format Bottlenecks

There is a new scanning technology, available from Contex Scanning Technologies that is being advertised as a solution to help eliminate these types of large format bottlenecks.  Contex’s new IQ Quattro 44 connects directly to your global network, supporting your large-format workflows and collaboration whether you work with in-house scanning activities or in project groups of global players.

With instant-on scanning and one-touch interface, we think that the Contex IQ Quatro 44 promises to not only help you get organized but also increase your efficiency.  This scanner helps save time – you just load your document and the scanner immediately comes to life—no warm-up time.  Click a one-touch button to scan directly to your preferred destination.

With what Contex calls “PageDrop” enabling, the IQ Quattro 44 lets you send documents directly to your preferred destinations without a PC.  You can use your smartphone or tablet to control the process. Load the document, scan the QR code, and send the document directly to your desired destination.  For today’s mobile world and spread-out workgroups and projects, this solution promises to take large format organization to a whole new level.

Both private business and government agencies that need to collaborate on projects through occasional scanning or through the creation of digital archives can improve both their organizational capabilities and their efficiency with this scanner.  The 44″ imaging area delivers clean, sharp image quality on technical documents, sketches, and maps, so clean-up after the scan is minimized, saving even more time.  Moreover, this scanner eliminates wrinkles and folds in originals and produces clear, crisp scans – every time.  Businesses who want to improve workflow, stay organized and save time find that this scanner makes it easy to share with project teams at other sites and to collaborate on large plans and documents as a seamless part of any workgroup’s day-to-day operation.

Bottom Line

If large format organization is on your agenda this year, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at the IQ Quattro 44.  So, put it on your “to do” list and start getting rid of legacy drawing clutter, improve organization and workflow.  Your new efficient operation may help you land a few extra jobs.

Oh, yes, and as your business grows, this scanner will grow right with you.  With upgradeable speed and resolution, you buy what you need today, then upgrade when you need more power.


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