Archiving – How a Large Format Scanning Service Can Help

How are you currently filing, storing and retrieving your large format drawings?  Are you still using flat files or old drawing rolls?  You need to be as efficient as possible in handling all your paperwork, so why not free up space and time with the help of a large format scanning and archiving service?  Scanned and archived files are at your fingertips…available anywhere, anytime.

A reliable large format scanning service can scan:large format paper documents

  • Construction and engineering drawings
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Specification manuals
  • Artwork
  • Legal documents
  • Property Maps

Taking the First Step

Once you begin thinking about converting your large format paper documents to electronic archives, you will need to determine how many of your large format drawings need to be scanned;  which large format scanning service should you use; and how will you handle future large format scanning needs?

Answering these three questions can best be done with the help of large format scanning specialist.  A large format scanning specialist understands the importance of having access to the information you need — when you need it.  A large format scanning specialist can help you determine the best way to convert, archive and store your drawings, depending on your needs.  Options include CD –ROM, DVD, zip drives, tape, as well as online archives that can provide disaster recovery certainty and business continuity.

Deciding What Drawings to Scan

Drawings to ScanIn general, when deciding what drawings to convert, we recommend starting with those that are required to maintain your current business continuity.  This may include as-built drawings, manufacturing schematics, and recently completed projects – anything that may need additional modifications for current business dealings.   Next, you might want to consider scanning old drawings that are beginning to deteriorate.  These may be original documents of historical value, or simply pre-CAD blueprints that you want to retain.  How far back in time you go in these drawings may be determined by legal requirements for your industry (how long are you legally required to retain records?), corporate historical needs (is the history of your product, service or building one of your selling points?), or other business determinations.

During this process of large format scanning, you will need to ensure that the scanning service safeguards all your large format documents and disposes of them in the way you have specified.   You should determine where you want the large format scanning to be done – at your location, or at the document scanning service location.  If you decide to send the documents to the scanning services location, make sure that you factor in the cost of shipping when you consider how much your document scanning project will cost.

Deciding Which Document Scanning Service to Use

If you are going to store your large format scanned documents on CD-ROM or some other hardware device for which you will be responsible, then your main concern will be finding a service that is capable of scanning your drawings and documents within the parameters that you have set.  If, however, you are going to use online archiving for disaster recovery and/or convenient access from multiple locations for multiple users, then you will want to consider the online archiving capability of the large format document scanning service.

If you are going to convert your large format drawings to CAD, then you will want to ensure that the scanning service you use is also proficient in raster to vector conversion.  This is because scanned files are always in what is known as a raster or image format, while CAD files are always in a vector format with lines and objects that can be edited.

Raster to Vector Conversion requires an expert, and this type of expert is most often found at large format scanning services that are also CAD Conversion service bureaus.  They specialize in CAD Conversion and are proficient in converting raster to vector formats into a specific CAD format, as designated by their customers.

We believe that CAD Perfect® & Cad Perfect CAD conversions® describe an expert raster to vector conversion process. CAD Perfect® & Cad Perfect CAD conversions® provide perfect CAD drawings with real lines, arcs, circles and text as text, produced at the minimum with 3-7 layers (levels) and colors.  A CAD Perfect™  qualified raster to vector conversion service provider can provide converted files with your in-house layering scheme or any scheme suitable for raster to the vector that you designate at no extra charge.   Look for a CAD Perfect ® conversion service for all your large format scanning needs.


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