3D CAD Services Bring Efficiency to Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing industry is highly dependent on CAD, and especially on 3D CAD.  3D CAD is considered the most versatile software application for superior product design and delivery, as well as for management of the manufacturing process through interaction with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.  CNC machines are automated milling devices that make industrial components without direct human assistance. They use coded instructions that are sent to an internal computer, allowing factories to fabricate parts accurately and quickly.

From automobiles and airplanes to cosmetic containers and athletic shoes, when design and manufacture are involved, 3D CAD and CNC machines are there. There are a number of advantages in the use of 3D CAD, including efficiency, cost reduction and faster time to market. 3D CAD modeling is being incorporated into nearly every type of design and manufacture.

This is because by using 3D parametric models 3D CAD aids in finding the most economical components, the best designs and most durable materials for nearly any manufactured product.  With the use of 3D CAD growing, many manufacturers are using outsourced 3D CAD services to reduce the internal time spent in design and draft mode and to enable production to move forward more quickly.   Once the initial design has been conceived, 3D CAD services can complete the modeling, using the scheduling components and bills of material (BOM) in tandem with the maturing of the 3D CAD model, so that when the time comes to begin manufacturing, everything is ready to go.

Adopting 3D modeling design has become a standard approach for manufacturing because of the design advantages that increase competitive advantage while reducing costs.  The advantages of outsourcing 3D CAD services cannot be underestimated and can play a vital role in keeping down the costs of design and 3D modeling.  Experienced 3D CAD services outsource firms can offer proficient 3D CAD designers, who can provide quality designs and are a well-trained and experienced extension of your internal design staff.  Reliable 3D CAD services require their employees to maintain a high degree of ongoing training and use only valid copies of the most up-to-date software versions.

3D CAD Services Extend Your CAD Department

While most manufacturers agree that 2D CAD methods lack the efficiency, reliability, and quality of design information that is available in a 3D CAD model, some manufacturers, especially smaller companies, have been slow to make the change to 3D CAD.  Unfortunately, 2D CAD depends upon the ability of the human to visualize and interpret the design, while a 3D CAD services model does the visualization and interpretation automatically as part of the design process.

Outsourcing with a 3D CAD services provider offers manufacturers an opportunity to make the switch to 3D CAD without making an investment in software or 3D CAD training.

3D CAD Services Increase Your Sales

Manufacturers can use 3D CAD models in conjunction with 2D CAD drawings to supercharge their sales processes.  3D CAD models enable customers to see the “real product” rather than struggling to visualize it from a drawing.  This can help move a lead closer to the RFQ stage much more quickly.  Manufacturers know that design wins lead to prototype and production orders.  In fact, ThomasNet research indicates that up to 80 percent of the time a buyer or engineer downloads and specs a CAD drawing into a design, that part is purchased.

3D CAD models can also provide these manufacturing sales benefits:

  • Influence the specifier to push the final decision maker
  • Cut down on specification errors in BOMs
  • Save customers time and shorten time to market
  • Attract new customers because they can see the designs better
  • Reduce wasting resources on RFQs that are not a good fit

3D CAD can also help differentiate precision machine shops and fabricators.   Fabricators and CNC machine shops that have invested in the latest CAD technology and have the availability of trained people with the right skills through a 3D CAD services outsource can gain a competitive edge.  By forming a working partnership with a 3D CAD services firm, they are able to offer value engineering and design services to become a preferred manufacturing partner instead of just a supplier that is constantly competing on price.


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