We at CAD CAM Services are amongst the leading lights of 3D CAD scanning service and as a matter of fact, consider it to be the very future of CAD / CAM technology

What exactly is 3D Scanning really?

3D Laser Scanning is often widely and colloquially referred to as 3D CAD scanning and it is a process that is not only non-contact but also non-destructive and non-invasive as well. As a matter of fact, this 3D scanning technology has the power to digitally captures the actual and real-world shape of the original physical objects, per se. For this purpose, it uses a specific line of sight laser light. In the case of 3D CAD scanning services, the typical 3D laser scanner actively creates a specific “point cloud” of data that it basically and subsequently lifts from the actual surface of the original object itself.

In other words, we can also say that 3D laser scanning is an awesome method to easily capture any particular physical object’s exact size as well as shape and other dimensions and transfer all of that precious data of the original object into the computer world, where it will be in the form of a digital 3-dimensional representation of the whole.

As a matter of fact, if we were but to study them just a bit more, then we will easily realize that 3D laser scanners are also fully capable of measuring the finer details as well as the distinctions that are also quite capable of capturing many, if not most free-form shapes so as to quickly and efficiently generate highly accurate point clouds of the self- same data. In fact, 3D laser scanning is widely considered by many industry experts and leading pundits of this technology to be ideally suited for both, the measurement as well as the inspection, of many different contoured surfaces along with their vastly complex geometries. Generally, they require huge amounts of data transfer to be able to give a completely accurate description. They can easily be used in situations where it is deemed highly impractical to use various traditional measurement techniques, such as a touch probe for instance.

The resultant shape of the real world (physical) object then proceeds to appears as literally millions of points that are colloquially referred to as a “point cloud” on the system’s monitor, even as the laser moves all about and around the object capturing the entire surface shape of the object.

We at CAD / CAM services are more than capable of handling even the toughest of 3D scanning chores and tasks, easily enough.


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