Computer-aided-design (CAD) covers a wide variety of design tools used by several industry professionals like architects, game designers, manufacturers, and engineers. CAD has been around since the 1950s but only started to evolve since 1982. Today, 3D CAD modeling is the most talked about CAD topic among CAD / CAM services.

The Future of CAD Belongs to 3D CAD Modeling

CAD / CAM services will be quick out to single out 3D CAD modeling if you ask them about the future of computer-aided-design (CAD). CAD has existed since the 1950s. However, the field only started to grow after 1982, which is known as the CAD revolution period. During the 1980s and even well into the 90s, CAD was predominantly 2D. The CAD programs ran on UNIX workstations as the PCs did not have the capabilities required by these programs.

The late 1990s was the defining period for CAD as this was when the struggle for 3D CAD software began. Not long after, 3D CAD modeling kernel such as ACIS and Parasolid came to the fore, and soon they were integrated into new parametric CAD programs. This was the introduction of 3D CAD models to the design and engineering world. Since then, 3D CAD models have never looked back.

What 3D CAD Models Enabled

3D CAD models have brought about huge improvements and efficiencies in architecture, construction, and manufacturing. To perform 3D modeling, CAD / CAM services develop a mathematical, wireframe representation of any three-dimensional object using specialized software. CAD / CAM services offer 3D modeling for a variety of fields including architecture, and engineering.

CAD / CAM services use 3D modeling to create 3D models of machine parts, in the automotive sector to create auto parts and miniature models, and in the architectural and construction industry to create models of projects, buildings, and interiors. Since 3D CAD models can be easily uploaded to a website, sharing them across geographies via the internet is very much possible.

In addition to the above, CAD / CAM services can use 3D modeling in maps to create three-dimensional graphic representations of surfaces. This is known as a digital elevation model or digital terrain model, which is useful for surface analysis.

CAD / CAM services are also using 3D CAD modeling to bring huge improvements and efficiency in manufacturing. Companies can now design prototypes and change them constantly in the virtual world, without going through the process of actually creating them and then altering them.

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