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The design process followed by engineers is quite a lengthy procedure and is usually carried out step by step. A good engineer not only uses his genius to come up with innovative solutions to the problems he faces but also follows the correct and expected protocols along the way. This blog post discusses the design process and one such requirement: 3D CAD model to 2D drawings conversions.

An engineer is someone who needs to make sure that he is following standard design procedures and that whatever he designs is completely comprehensible to some other professional if they ever need to perform maintenance or re-designing.

The purpose of this article is to highlight why engineers ever need to convert their 3D CAD model to 2D drawings, and how we at CAD / CAM Services perform the perfect 3D CAD model to 2D drawings conversions.

Nowadays, with CAD platforms very commonly used by engineers throughout the world, and their models being widely accepted among industries, most firms directly start with the building of a 3D CAD model rather than following the conventional method of developing a 2D technical drawing first.

Although this potentially has no negative impact on the design process itself; a 3D model itself is good enough for the necessary simulations and manufacturing operations. Moreover, it is certainly better than a static 2D drawing. However, the conversion of the 3D CAD model to 2D drawings is essential owing to the following reasons.

Figure 1: Typical 2D Technical Drawing Sheet


2D Drawings should be a part of the documentation

Whenever a project is completed, some documentation is prepared that summarizes the whole process followed and the outcomes. This documentation is absolutely necessary since it is the first thing accessed when something goes wrong and the design needs to be reviewed.

The 2D technical drawings are great for record-keeping since they are usually in hard form, as opposed to soft 3D CAD files. Since there is no guarantee of how long a soft form of data survives, the keeping of a hard form can alleviate the risk of losing important information regarding the design.


2D Drawings have crucial details that 3D models may not have

Technical drawings are made according to set international standards that are followed by all engineers. These standards are exceptionally specific in their requirements and when followed, lead to a highly detailed yet remarkably comprehensive technical drawing, with several details that are not even found in 3D CAD models.

For example, the allowable tolerances in the dimensions are not visible in CAD models but are present on the drawing sheet. These are useful for manufacturers since they know how much precision is required, which is then used to select the fabrication methodology.

Moreover, there is other important information like the kind of joints to be used. Although these can be included in the CAD model too but are much better when clearly visible on paper. A technical drawing identifies the interfaces where weld joints are used, the kinds of fasteners that are used, and their specifications.


2D Drawings are Used to Build 3D Models

This point basically reinforces the first one. With a 2D technical drawing part of your documentation, you can always use it to re-build your 3D CAD model if you lose it somehow or you need it made in some other software.

With the highlighted points above, it is quite clear why an engineering firm should perform a 3D CAD model to 2D drawings conversions. They lead to complete and standard documentation, remove the risks of ever losing the design data, and contain invaluable information that helps throughout the design and manufacturing process.


CAD / CAM Services: Your Go-To for 3D CAD Model to 2D Drawings Conversion!

CAD / CAM services represent the very top tier of CAD experts in the contemporary market who are skilled in their work and can carry out the best 3D CAD model to 2D drawings conversions. All you have to do is to submit your 3D model and we would convert it into a technical drawing of your choice.

Along with the 3D CAD model to 2D drawings conversion, we can help you prepare a sheet format that you want for any future technical drawing sheets as well.

You can get all kinds of view that you want, sectioned views, fully dimensioned sketches, and useful annotations; all of which can help you maintain proper documentation and elevate the standards of your business.

To convert your 3D CAD model to 2D drawings, kindly contact our experts here.

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