Artec Space SpiderArtec Space Spider — Drawing on the best features of Artec Spider, this upgraded handheld 3D scanner is one step ahead of the competition — originally developed to work in space, it features new, higher grade electronics, which enable it to reach optimal operating temperatures and achieve maximum accuracy ten times faster than its predecessor and provide long-term repeatability in data capture.

Artec Spider 3D Scanner Features:

  • high resolution (up to 0.15mm)
  • high accuracy (0.03 – 0.05mm)
  • lightweight, handheld
  • quality texture
  • sees sharp edges and thin walls
  • can work for hours with a battery
  • scans and fuses the model in real time
  • affordable!

Artec Spider Applications: With high resolution, high accuracy and the ability to see sharp edges, Artec Spider is a perfect solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, as well as industries such as medicine, automotive, aerospace, quality control, heritage preservation and computer graphic design.


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