Artec portable 3D scannersArtec portable 3D scanners are perfect for those needing quick, textured and accurate scans. Capturing objects quickly in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited applications. And now you can get an Artec Eva Lite for under $9,000 making these scanners extra affordable! Artec Eva Lite includes all features of the Artec Eva, except it does not capture color, so it collects significantly fewer data. As a result, it uses less power and can be combined with a more affordable computer.  

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Affordable 3D scanner for professional results

Eva Lite is the budget version of the bestselling white light Artec Eva 3D scanner. It features the same accuracy specs, but with reduced functionality: Eva Lite has geometry only tracking and capture. As a result, this affordable 3D scanner can be used for making high quality textureless 3D scans when scanning geometrically rich objects, such as the human body.

This makes Eva Lite an attractive and inexpensive option for healthcare clinics with a limited budget or indeed anyone who is interested in purchasing a professional white light 3D scanner with minimal funds.

Additionally, since Eva Lite does not capture color, it collects significantly less data. As a result, it is less power hungry and can be combined with a more affordable computer. See details on recommended makes and models in our support center or contact our support team for individual queries.


Upgrade to Eva at any point for the price difference between the two scanners

Entry-level professional 3D scanner

US $9,800 Buy now

Special Pricing for Education & Research

Eva or Eva Lite?
Functionality comparison table

3D scanning


Eva Lite



Geometry tracking



Texture capture


Geometry capture



Continuous scanning


Auto continue from selected scans




Post-processing tools




Autoalign scans
Texture and geometry based
Using geometry data only
Global registration
Texture and geometry based
Using geometry data only

Artec Studio 13

Fast and easy 3D data post-processing at your fingertips

Discover a wide range of post-processing tools with the most complete 3D data processing software on the market today.

The new Autopilot mode ensures a smooth workflow for both new and experienced users, taking you through the all the post-processing steps completely automatically. Choosing the best algorithms to apply on your data, this smart mode builds a perfect 3D model right before your eyes.

Alternatively, be in total control with the powerful, advanced features of Manual mode. Use a wide range of tools to create high-quality 3D models suitable for export to CAD, 3D printing and more.

Smart post-processing with Autopilot mode for the best results with minimal effort

Wide range of powerful tools for advanced manual post-processing

Fast, hassle-free data processing.
A great time saver!