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Turn your ideas into great 3D models using a trusted 3D modeling service built just for you and your business.

A great 3D model is more than just a design. It is a way to create the perfect blueprint that sets the tone for every new project you embark on. And as a business owner, ensuring that your development team understands the direction a creative project intends to follow is your duty.

While ours at CAD/CAM SERVICES is modeling the adaptive 3D models customized to meet your business’s exact needs. Using the latest computer-aided design tools and applying the quality assurance standards relative to your industry. This we have done for over 30 years across a variety of industries including—the automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding and construction industries.

Your Collaborative Team with CAD/CAM Services


Collaborative 3D Modeling with CAD/CAM Services

What makes outsourcing your 3D modeling projects to CAD/CAM SERVICES great? Our collaborative approach to creativity! At CAD/CAM SERVICES, our 3D modeling services are built around you. So, if you have rough drafts, sketches or a concept that’s only in your head, it will form the basis of our 3D modeling effort.

Your idea is the engine room of the modeling process. This is the major reason why we ensure that you are involved with the 3D modeling process right from the beginning. Do you have an idea you need to be analyzed in detail? Start chatting with a representative

Enhancing Your Creativity

Enhance Your Creative Process

Sounding out 3D modeling ideas with experienced professionals is the best way to refine your creative process. Imagine the creative input 30-year veterans of the 3D modeling industry can bring to your project. This is what CAD/CAM SERVICES services is all about; helping you refine your ideas and developing functional 3D models from them. Our modeling experience in your industry means we know the best practices needed to develop your ideas according to your industry’s standards.

We also know when certain design tools and methodologies should be applied to make your designs both aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and functional to use. Our customized 3D modeling services give you and your staff the freedom to focus on the other important aspects of your business. So, let us simplify the creative process for your products and service.

Is this Your Industry?

We know how important it is to you that the important aspects of your business are handled with the professionalism they deserve. This is why we have committed 3D modeling professionals with the experience needed to support your creative efforts in these industries.

Aerospace Industry & Catia 3D Modeling


Over the last 25 years, CAD/CAM Services has been accurately converting your legacy data.  We have worked in CATIA v4, v5 and now v6.   We are experienced in full scanning of aircraft design,  producing mesh models all the way through to full valid 3D CAD assemblies.  Our client list includes:  Bell Helicopter, GE Aviation, Airbus France, Boeing, and the Navy (NAVSEA) just to name a few.

We have done several projects with Bell Helicopter throughout the years, mostly with their military industry division.  Several times we have been called in to convert their hard copy mylars, into CATIA files.  Our project with Bell Helicopter included moving from CATIA v5 to v6.  One of our most challenging missions happened when CATIA v6 was just released.  For the first 6 months, CATIA v6 did not have an import path that worked successfully with their own CATIA v5 files.  At this point, Bell Helicopter has already invested tens of millions of dollars with (Dassault Systems).  In the beginning, it was virtually impossible to take Bell Helicopter’s millions of proprietary CATIA data and import to v6 and Enovia.  This issue was ultimately resolved with Desault and CAD/CAM Services, and the project was a success.

One of our latest Aerospace projects has been with GE Aviation, working on a new generation of jet engines.  This was done in Unigraphics NX and we pushed the limits of NX for everything it was worth.  GE Aviation supplied their own point cloud data along with some additional technical illustration data and our job was to model the accuracy of this in NX.  The outcome of this project was a successful NX development of the next generation of GE’s jet engines.

For Airbus in France, we worked on a project with Rolls Royce engines, that dealt with improving one of their existing engines.  All of the work was done for Airbus in France.  In this case, the mylars were already scanned and we got the raw images of which we produced both 2D and 3D CATIA files.  This was for the Airbus A400 military project.

Another of our customers, Boeing needed a complete wing redesign for the 747-8 and 747-9 program.  They needed to have extreme accuracy, but the problem was the long Mylars change size the second they leave the temperature and humidity controlled printing vault in Everett Washington.  We were seeing mylars 30 years old that could be easily off an inch on any x or y plane.  Between Boeing, Triumph – Voight Aerospace and us,  CAD/CAM Services able to engineer a successful approach of converting hard copy mylars into accurate CAD files.  CAD/CAM Services was able to take 20-foot mylars (J size) dwgs and produce both 2D and 3D assembly models in CATIA, all good to within + or – .005″ accuracy.  This process proved to be so successful that the Airforce hired us to basically obsolete their entire hard copy mylar airplane collection.  We scanned and calibrated an excess of 70,000 hard copy mylars, which we then calibrated to within .005″making these new electronic files, the new masters.  It was a major success story to receive the official Airforce certified letter letting us know that our electronic files were their new masters.

CAD/CAM Services is ITAR certified, and we have also worked on several classified weapons programs for the Navy with NAVSEA.

You can take advantage of our proficiency with CATIA and Creo to develop 3D models for your projects.

3D Modeling, 3D Rendering Car Automotive Design Engineer

3D Automotive Design Engineer Creating a Car of the Future

Automotive Engineering

We help OEMs create 3D models for innovative automobile components and tools.

One of our more current and interesting projects is with Byton.  If you don’t know who Byton is, they are giving Tesla a run for their money.  Our design projects include an autonomous self-driving electric car, designed to compete “head to head” with the Tesla sports car.  We are heavily involved in batteries, electric transport and the chassy.  We are currently working on the GD & T Geometric Tolerances, as they add up across an entire Chassy from edge to edge.  Consider this, if you have 100 parts and each has their own set of tolerances across a width of a car, it becomes easy to see how even one part in that chain can conflict with the over all design properties.  This could show up as your door not fitting correctly, or you sun roof leaking because it doesn’t fit.  Geometric tolerancing is a unique animal that includes simulation and almost a science within itself.  We have provided reverse engineering for anything from pistons to full engine blocks and countless components to assure manufacturing is producing within specifications.

Let us Build this CAD Model for You!


CAD/CAM Services started providing CAD services for shipbuilders 20 years ago.  Some of our favorite clients include Bollinger Shipyards and Litton-Ingalls.  One of our most complex projects, without getting into any design specifications, included converting almost 1000 aperture cards into accurate CAD files.  Every business does not have beautiful source documents to work from.  Some of the source documents are of poor quality and make the images very hard to read.  CAD/CAM Services has been able to reconstruct quite a bit of data that is unreadable, sometimes even having an on-site staff person who physically QC’s everything to help us further identify items that simply are not there or are not readable.  We specialize in taking hard copy forms of media and converting them into accurate CAD files.  it is common for a shipyard to literally cut a 30-year-old coast guard boat in half and make it 40 feet long.  You can imagine the amount of CAD engineering that goes into that extension.  In today’s technical world, it is very common for us to produce a 3D scan of that ship and generate a set of current “as-builts” for that project.

Our experienced 3D modeling professionals can apply smart parametric modeling to any and all of your projects.  We have the experience and expertize in Shipbuilding design and all related CAD in both 2D and 3D.

Manufacturing and Industrial Design

So many facets can be incorporated here.  There is very little that CAD/CAM Services hasn’t done with regards to manufacturing and industrial design.  Anything from plastic bottles to specialty caps for mold design, all the way to reverse engineering aircraft parts for an NC tooling shop.

The basic process is:

1.) Scan it

2.) Use Geomagic to clean up and create a full mesh

3.) Sometimes we can stop here and compare mesh’s and sizes to verify product variations

4,) Quite often we generate a full CAD model

If your project requires going to an NC tooling shop, model creation or simply NC tooling equipment, often times Solidworks is all that you need.  However, it is very common in our environment, for the customer to dictate the CAD system that we use.  Therefore we have become experts in CATIA, Solidworks, Creo, and NX.  This includes the vaults with these prods such as CATIA Enovia and Solidworks Vault.

We have a whole separate division that does nothing but high-end 3D scanning.  This includes anything from Faro Terrestrial type scanners for long distance (Focus) to Artec handheld scanners and our new half-million dollar, Tom Cat CT Scanner.  We are one of the few firms that can truly deliver metallurgy scanning down to + or – .001″.  With our longevity of 3D scanning, we have become quite proficient in Geomagic Design X from 3D Systems and Faro’s SCENE (This is Faro’s point cloud management system)

Over the past 30 years, our specialists have truly become experts in Solidworks, including simulation, collaboration, project data management, and visualization.

Our knowledge of SolidWorks and other CAD application will help you develop aesthetic yet functional hardware for your products

3D Modeling Outsourcing, You'll Reap the Rewards

You’ll Reap the Rewards with CAD/CAM Services!

Reap the Rewards

CAD/CAM SERVICES 3D modeling services give you the tools you need to work with when designing for your industry. These tools are the customized 3D models we develop according to your chosen design specifications and requirements. You can also choose to receive the end product of our 3D modeling efforts in your preferred file format.

Most industries make use of specific file formats when designing and sharing 3D models. At CAD/CAM SERVICES services, we know the format for your industry and will deliver your industrial-grade 3D models using the right file format. This will help you simplify any collaborative processes that require multiple parties working on the same project.


3D Modeling & 3D Rendering work plan

We Customize Our Work-Plan Just for You!


How We Work for You

Engaging us for our 3D modeling services is as easy as ringing a doorbell. All you need to do to kick-start the process is by contacting any of our representatives using the diverse options we have provided. And we will do the heavy lifting.



The Process: Here’s How it Works

Our client sends us a source for CAD processing along with as many details as possible.  Types of source documents may include:

  • Raster images
  • Hand sketches
  • 3D point clouds
  • 2D PDF/CAD files
  • Physical objects to 3D scan
  • Mylar drawings
  • Legacy or exotic CAD format files

A dedicated expert from our team is assigned to your project.  Once the scope of your project and quote is agreed upon, CAD/CAM Services “magically” converts your job  into 3D models.  We guarantee you CAD Perfect work every time!

What We Produce for You:

  • Native 3D CAD models in various CAD systems, meeting .005” Aerospace accuracy
  • 2D Engineering and dimensional drawings
  • 3D files  ready to CNC machinery or 3D print

What We Need to Know From You:

  • Any specific native CAD software version
  • Purpose of the CAD models
  • Any other details on the model like critical dimensions and accuracy

On contacting us, a customized work-plan will be created just for you. This will include the details of your 3D modeling project, what you want us to achieve, our quote, and the time duration needed to deliver your files. The work-plan forms the framework needed to integrate you into the collaborative effort of modeling your ideas.

Ready to Build, Get Started Now

The Time is Now! Don’t Wait Another Minute!


Ready to Build? Get Started Now

Leading OEMs such as Boeing and the US Navy have entrusted us with the development of their 3D modeling projects for 30+ years. Therefore, putting your trust in us will help your business save more time and money during its creative cycle. If you have more questions. Contact us.


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