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We Can Create Exquisite 3D Models for Reverse Engineering

3D CAD Cross Section Model of a Jet Turbine Engine

3D CAD Cross Section Model of a Jet Turbine Engine

Reverse engineering involves more than just hitting ‘scan’ on a 3D scanning device. And as 30-year veterans in this industry, we definitely know a thing or two about the entire process involved with generating digital 3D models from physical objects.

Therefore, if you are currently struggling with extracting data and complete documentation from a component, we are definitely here to help.

At CAD / CAM Services, we understand the complexities involved with developing 3D models with the parametric data and features contained in a physical object. This is why our team of engineers make use of only the best tools to carry out the reverse engineering process.

We integrate the latest engineering principles to generate as-designed CAD models from your objects, scanning data from your fabricators or components from OEMs competing in your industry.

Seek the Edge Reverse Engineering Brings

The competitive edge reverse engineering brings to the table can only be taking advantage of through the application of the right principles.

And the most critical step of this process is accomplishing the task of bridging the collected data structures to accurately create the CAD model. This is where the expertise of a professional engineering team is needed.

You can take advantage of our experienced application experts by scheduling an assessment session where the particulars of your project will be defined.

Our experienced team of engineers at CAD / CAM Services is equipped with the skillsets and necessary experience needed to expertly manage your projects.

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We also bring to your project a vast understanding of the different fabrication processes involved in the production cycle related to your industry. Whether you intend to use the reverse-engineered CAD models for a 3D printing, CNC machining, casting or molding project, we will integrate the relevant manufacturing standards into the final 3D CAD model.

Our Value-added Proposition

Outsourcing your reverse engineering projects to us comes with many benefits we would like you to take advantage of. These benefits will ensure that you receive the complete documentation and 3D CAD models you require at competitive prices.

Contex 2D Large Format Engineering Scanners

HD Ultra X 6000

HD Ultra X 6000

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Enhanced prototyping

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

We can help you deploy reverse engineering principles to speed-up your prototyping activities.

This we do by eliminating any database errors your design team may have struggled with during the design and analysis recovery stage of the process.     

Our team of experienced application engineers will also be responsible for executing any iterative scanning or modeling tasks that may occur during the reverse engineering process.

This will eliminate any errors and ensure that the final prototype matches the original as-design features of your objects.

Analyze New Components for Legacy Assemblies

Analyzing Components for Reverse Engineering

Analyzing Components for Reverse Engineering

In situations where you are interested in further enhancing the functionality of an object or legacy equipment from a competitor, our experienced engineers can help you execute the needed analysis.

The CCS reverse engineering team is well equipped with the skill sets and tools needed to analyze this Legacy equipment and understand the documentation behind them. With the aid of the necessary documentation and a simulation CAD software application, we will help you integrate the new functions you desire into legacy equipment.

 Save Time and Resources

Added value saving time and money

Added Value Saving Time and Money

Outsourcing your reverse engineering projects to consummate professionals gives you the leeway needed to optimize the human and capital resources of your business on other endeavors.

CSS is a service driven organization that takes all your recommendations into consideration when working on your project. We strive to understand the peculiarities of your particular project and deliver the perfect reverse-engineered solutions to meet them. Our prices are also competitive and are designed to help you comfortably outsource large projects without hurting your bottom line.

Choose Your File Format

Your Size of Object has no Limits!

Do you have any preferred CAD format you would like us to work with or deliver the final 3D model in? Simply communicate your preferences to our professionals who are well-versed with working with SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo and a host of other CAD application brands.

Object Size is Not A Limitation

Are you worried that the size of your project is too large for reverse-engineering?

If yes, then do not fret for we have the expertise needed to collected and document data from any physical object regardless of its size.


All you need to do is provide us with the information needed to assess the object.   We will handle the process needed to carry out the required assessments.  We work for you and we listen to you.

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We understand how challenging reverse engineering can be for traditional manufacturing businesses and we are here to help mitigate the difficulties. Simply contact any of our representatives and an engineer will be on hand to assess your peculiar project.

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