Help with CAD tasks for design and modeling


From preserving legacy drawings in 2D CAD and 3D CAD to acting as an extension of your design team, our team is here to provide cost-effective, accurate CAD services. You'll reduce costs while improving quality and productivity with help from CAD/CAM Services. Using 3D CAD capabilities, including 3D Scanning, 3D modeling, Visualization and more, we add extra hands and minds to your CAD team. Our ship design specialists help you with the drawings and models you need to enable fast and efficient production of world-class vessels.

3D Ship Design - Advanced CAD Capabilities

The forward-looking ship design software offered by software providers such as Intergraph help us to help you with more efficient design throughout the entire shipbuilding life cycle. Usually, the way our relationship with shipbuilders works is that YOU do the design, but we do as much of the back-end work such as CAD clean-up, conversion, modeling as you want to off-load to our team. This integrated approach offers your engineers the benefit of focusing on the core tasks involved in design and function.

While your engineers explore design possibilities during production development, w. In addition, 3D ship design powered by advanced CAD technology eliminates inefficiencies associated with traditional paper-based design and allows for greater flexibility to easily modify designs.

Let our team help you address each facet of the shipbuilding process with capabilities that help you produce state-of-the-art designs in a rapid, efficient manner. You'll benefit by increasing the number of completed projects per year. We provide a multitude of 2D and 3D capabilities that are sure to help your team succeed. Contact us today for more information.

Ship Design & Engineering

During the entire shipbuilding life cycle, efficiencies can be improved in multiple areas, extending beyond those which can be optimized through the use of Intergraph's advanced ship design software.

Proven solutions offered from Intergraph also span efficient, accurate materials planning and procurement to empower ship designers to benefit from lower manpower and cost of materials. Learn more about integrating materials and management into ship design with SmartPlant® Materials from Intergraph.

Maximizing efficiency throughout the shipbuilding process also includes a powerful, accurate information management system. As the world's most proven, industry-standard engineering information management solution in the process, power, and offshore industry, SmartPlant Foundation effectively manages data storage and ship information throughout the workflow.

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