Here's What We Did for Amazon

1,000 3D CAD Conversions Daily = 1M Parts Files Total

Here's What We Did for Amazon Supply

Executive Overview
Preliminary to Amazon's Phase 1 roll-out of a parts catalogue in Amazon Supply, they needed to have 3D CAD images and files for more than 150,000 products — some with as many as 9 different file variations. The problem was how to get 1 M parts files accurately converted and ready to put online by the roll-out date.

This was an immense project - one of the largest single CAD conversion projects that our industry has ever undertaken - with a very tight deadline. The project required an immediate ramp-up of personnel, working 24/7 to hit one thousand conversions daily. The conversions to 3D CAD models were made from 2D scan images and Excel spreadsheets, a tedious process. There was no room for error.

Not only did the job need to be done quickly and accurately, it had to be done at an affordable price. Amazon began searching for a conversion service that could meet their requirements. It was through an Internet search that they discovered CAD/CAM Services and contacted them. The rest, as they say, is history.

How CAD/CAM Helped
Fortunately, CAD/CAM Services has had considerable experience with CAD conversions in both the commercial and the DOD world, including converting aperture cards into AutoCAD files as well as converting individual Aerospace aircraft and helicopter drawings into Catia 3D assembly Models. CAD/CAM prides themselves on their CAD Perfect® files which are guaranteed to be as accurate, if not more accurate, than the original drawings, normally quoting an acceptable accuracy tolerance of +/-.005".

With their proven experience at taking single drawings numbering in the hundreds and converting them into complete assembly models, CAD/CAM Services was one of the strongest contenders for this mammoth job.

With a pricing structure that was exceedingly attractive, and the guarantee of CAD Perfect® drawings, CAD/CAM was chosen to for the project.

The Amazon Supply project was completed well ahead of schedule, thanks to the dedication of the conversion team at CAD/CAM Services. And Amazon could roll-out their catalog earlier than planned.

A few of the 1M converted images and files can be sampled at the links below: