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Raster to Vector (r 2 v, r to v, r2v) conversion

We have the ability to digitize and convert from large format media, aperture cards, and film into Cad PerfectTM AutoCAD, MicroStation, D-Tools, ArcInfo, CATIA, and many other CAD systems - literally anything you have.

All of our work is as if you or I have redrawn that drawing by hand.
We deliver only CAD Perfect CAD work.

All of our files are delivered in your native CAD file format.

Auto Cad,2007 Auto Cad CAD/CAM Services converts over $1 million of CAD drawings into CAD Perfect files each year. It is not uncommon for us to convert 2-4,000 drawings per year for a single client. We are happy to work with you to convert one (1) drawing or a room full. Each and every customer is treated as if you have 4,000 drawings to convert.

Our work is quite serious and professionally completed. 80% of our work priced between $125 - $225 per sheet. The difference being how 'busy' each sheet is. Most of the time we simply offer a fixed cost per sheet. This is better for you in that you know what your fixed costs are.

Your delivery schedules are important to us. We are one of the very few firms who can produce CAD work 23 hours per day (3 shifts). On quantities of 1-10 drawings, our delivery time is 48-72 hours. We do not base our fees upon how soon you need the drawings.

Auto Cad,2007 Auto Cad It is common for us to receive your work via Fed X, UPS, etc., and in an effort to save your valuable time, we then email or FTP the completed work back to you as soon as it is ready. Your original drawings are usually then returned via USPS Priority Mail. This has turned out to be a very cost effective way to transmit work. We currently receive and send work all over the US every day.

Auto Cad,2007 Auto Cad CAD/CAM SERVICES utilizes many different conversion methods. We use in-house CAD conversion products from, GTX, Hitachi, I/Vector, and Softelec. Along with quite a few routines and programs we have written. Unfortunately we have found that one R/V conversion product does not fit all. It is not uncommon with 100 drawings, that 30% are converted via one (1) method, the next 40% are converted via a different method, and the remaining are hand redrawn. Please do not be mislead with R/V software vendors promising 'automatic raster to vector conversion'. Simply put, it is not true. These products are tools - and only tools. They all help in our conversion process, but they are not the cure-alls they claim to be. We spend hours, and hours inside of your drawings to get them to be 100% correct.

We can scan and convert ANY drawing to CAD. CAD/CAM has over 13+ years converting drawings into CAD Perfect electronic files.

Our deliverable is a ‘CAD perfect’ CAD drawing. This includes real lines, arcs, circles, text as text, etc. At a minimum, each drawing is produced with 3-7 layers (levels) and colors. In addition, we often use your layering scheme - at no extra cost.

Our end-result should look as you had redrawn the drawings by hand yourself. Our accuracy is good to within the width of the original line work on that printed page. In fact, for some of our military and aircraft work, we have had to achieve accuracy down to .005". We are one of the few firms in the world that can produce this type of work.

We also offer as an option to go in and verify and fix each and every dimension in a drawing. So if the original sheet may be off by say 9%, we will go in and actually move any line / entity work required for it to be exactly correct. There is a charge a 15-20% surcharge for this.

See sample images

Please follow this link to see some of our converted drawings. All of these drawings came from paper and Mylar drawings.


  • In an age when just about anybody can make false or misleading claims over the internet, who can you really trust? CAD/CAM SERVICES "no hassle guarantee" assures your complete customer satisfaction, or your money back.

  • No risk!! Our "no hassle guarantee" states that at CAD/CAM SERVICES we expect you to receive your work CAD Perfect, period. If you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and we will fix it within 24 hours at no additional cost. If you are not %100 satisfied with us, we will credit your account or refund your money. No hassles, no debate. %100 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Auto Cad,2007 Auto Cad Here are just a few reasons why you should use CAD/CAM SERVICES for you next Scanning / CAD Conversion project.

  • CAD/CAM SERVICES has been in the Scanning / CAD Conversion business for 16+ years.

  • We are one (1) of only 6 firms in the entire US, certified for Department of Defense CAD Conversion work.

  • We are D&B rated, with sales > $ 1.2 m per year.

  • We will work for you to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.
    At CAD/CAM SERVICES, this is our motto. Our quality staff will treat you the same whether you have one (1) or 1,000+ drawings to convert. Let us add you to our ever growing list of satisfied clients. We are dedicated to your satisfaction - %100!

Zig Ziegler put it best when he said:
"treat other people like you would like to be treated."
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